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Yokohama, Inscryption, Dishonored

Join Mark and Daniel as they discuss the board game Yokohama.

49 min / Published


It’s the Meiji era in the city of Yokohama and the gates have been opened to foreign influence and technology, like worker placement board games. You play one of the city’s leading business men trying to corner the market, and your opponents meeples. Join Mark and Daniel as they discuss the board game Yokohama.

We also discuss Inscryption and Dishonored.

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Show notes

Game Credits

  • Yokohama
  • Year Released: 2016
  • Designer: Hisashi Hayashi
  • Artist: Hisashi Hayashi, Adam P. McIver, Ryo Nyamo
  • Publisher: OKAZU Brand, Tasty Minstrel Games

Music Credits

  • Geovane Bruno - That Journey
  • Anchors and Seagulls — Summer Lights
  • Nordgroove - Happy Step 
  • Dural - Bubbles
  • Ketsa - La-Rona
  • Comfort Fit - Sorry
  • Moroza Knozova - Jus
  • Ketsa - Love-Heart
  • Anchors and Seagulls - Polar Waves
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