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esm² - The Podcast for Experienced Social Media Marketers

esm² - The Podcast for Experienced Social Media Marketers

Every week, I interview top brands, renowned influencers, and hidden agencies with one goal in mind: to understand what happens backstage of their social media strategies.

esm2 shows you what social media doesn't: the strategies and hidden techniques of the people working behind the scenes of the shiny Instagram Stories, Facebook posts or LinkedIn updates.

Ever wondered how influencers and brands produce and share the quality content that we get inspiration from anytime we scroll down our personalized feeds?

I am Emily from Iconosquare (a social media analytics platform) and every week, I ask social media managers about their tactics to thrive on social media.

Patagonia, Mike Horn, Sea Shepherd, Wix, UCLA, FC Barcelona... Their social media managers, CMOs, or acquisition specialists have shared with me their day-to-day organization, learnings, and goals. With one single motto that I share with them producing this podcast: to ultimately resonate with their communities.

Tune in with me for exclusive, valuable stories, every time!

Best Time to post on TikTok
Season 1, episode 3
Bonus episode talking about how to find your best time to post for TikTok in 5 simple steps!
13 min /
Tutorial: How to Improve your Instagram Engagement Rate
Season 1, episode 5
Bonus episode where you'll learn the best ways to improve your Instagram engagement rate!
17 min /
Tutorial: How to grow your Instagram organically
Season 1, episode 7
Bonus episode where you'll learn 9 recommended ways to grow your Instagram organically!
10 min /
Tutorial: Hottest Instagram tips for 2021
Season 1, episode 9
Bonus episode where you'll find out our 11 hottest Instagram tips for 2021!
15 min /
"Extreme social media management" - Jessica Horn from Horn Media
Season 1, episode 1
I'm chatting with Jessica Horn, daughter of the world-renowned extreme explorer, Mike Horn.
22 min /
"The Importance of Brand Storytelling on Social Media" - Meg Coffey from Coffey & Tea
Season 1, episode 6
An energizing interview with Meg Coffey, Founder and lead social media strategist of digital communication agency, Coffey and Tea
33 min /
"Engaging Football Fans with Bespoke Content" - Christian Millar from 9024 Media
Season 1, episode 7
Sneak a peek into the world of social media for sports stars in this interview with Christian Millar, Head of Player Services at 9024 Media
38 min /
"Successfully Engaging with Gen Z" - Louis Marty from Merci Handy
Season 1, episode 8
Louis Marty, CEO of Merci Handy shares some expert tips on engaging with the elusive Generation Z
26 min /
Tutorial: Instagram trends to apply to influencer marketing in 2021
Season 1, episode 11
A quick bonus episode sharing 5 Instagram trends to help you improve your influencer marketing strategy!
9 min /
"Teaching Science Through Social Media" - Loïc Bommersbach from CERN
Season 1, episode 9
Loïc Bommersbach, Head of Social Media at CERN, speaks about the intricacies of communicating on nuclear research through social.
28 min /

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