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Every Day Confidence to Speak Up

Every Day Confidence to Speak Up

Stepping into your power and communicating with confidence in any environment - including live and virtual stages

Do you ever doubt yourself? Question what you are about to say and find it challenging to Speak Up, especially in Public?! 

We are communicating every day of our life and it is not something that we learnt to do in school. 

Wether you are someone who physically trembles at just the thought of speaking, or perhaps you don't mind it and you get asked to speak - maybe you speak regularly and you want to improve or master the skill - there is something for everyone in this podcast Everyday Confidence to Speak Up. 

Your host, Harriet Bratt will share practical tips that you can implement to boost your confidence, improve your communication and give powerful presentations! 

Tune in for weekly episodes providing solo ideas, techniques and proven methods plus guest experts and informal conversations all geared to support you stepping into your power and communicating with confidence! 

Lets Rise Together

#1 Overcoming Fear and Speak Up
Build your confidence and Overcome any Fear to Speak Up
20 min /
#3 What you should Focus on in a talk, presentation, video etc
Understanding how to get an effective message across to your audience
10 min /
The 5 no no’s of Public Speaking
The big do nots when you are presenting or training with groups.
17 min /
#2 Overcoming Fear and Speaking Up - Part 2
4 out of 7 remaining tips to support you over coming fear and building the confidence to speak up!
22 min /

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