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EWS - Efficiently Work Sport

EWS - Efficiently Work Sport

Building Psychology for Optimization in Sports and Mental Health

To assist you in "Efficiently Work Sports" Practice, we share grounded knowledge from Psychology areas, and Motor Learning + Skill Development.

With professionals, EWS aims to provide Athletes, Coaches, and Parents with ways to improve Performance and Learning consistenly, while caring for Mental Health, and promoting it.

 From 5 Series, we offer diverse content for users to choose from: 


Expert Interviews | QBIO “Quick Bring It On” messages | IQ “Insight Quotes” | FR “Fresh Research” | PotW “Post of the Week"

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  • All content is aimed for Prevention and Educational Purposes, only.
  • If you feel you are under intolerable physical strain, mentally struggling, or in any bigger pain, we always recommend seeking a Psychologist for starting Psychotherapy 🙂  

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Season 2
83. A WIN Acronym to Win consistently, ft. Dr. Eddie O'Connor - QBIO #20
A beautiful little tweak to the word "Win" to have in mind during tougher moments during Practice or Competition
Season 2, episode 83
12 min /
82. Efficiently Relate to Performance Anxiety - A Fearless Way, w/ Dr. Nick Lazaris
A Conversation with a Performance Psychologist helping Leaders on Public Speaking, and Athletes with Anxiety
Season 2, episode 82
1 hr 10 min /
81. When Taking Things Personally - Impacts of Criticism, @TedTalk Frederik Imbo - Potw #18
Some Stories and Lessons coming from an Actor, Public Speaker, and most impactfully, a Soccer Referee - on "How Not to Take Things Personally"
Season 2, episode 81
24 min /
80. Feelings Prior to Performance - Adaptation & Reflection, from Ravizza K. - IQ #17
Hoping that you (Athlete) shake it off some rules you have around depending on certain feelings to perform "well". Well enough is key, here
Season 2, episode 80
19 min /
79. Regret or Embarrassment - Psychological Tendencies in Sports, QBIO #19
Alittle tricky play on the popular game of "Would you Rather" and drawing on some implications applied to Sports
Season 2, episode 79
10 min /
78. Sleep Review for Athletes - Maladaptations & Recovery, FR #4
Some Essential Notes and Data from Fresh Science Research around Sleep Regarding to Elite Athletes + Notes for and from General Population
Season 2, episode 78
50 min /
77. Overcoming Obstacles to Excellent Performance, w/ Dr. Eddie O'Connor
Several wise accounts about approaches in Peak Performance & Dealing with difficult times in Sports
Season 2, episode 77
59 min /
76. Stressing on Mental Training + Neutral Thinking, @TedTalk Russel Wilson - PotW #17
On Mental Poise, and the process Russel uses to perform under pressure and dealing with life's difficulties
Season 2, episode 76
13 min /
75. Belief in Improvement - Behavioral Implications, QBIO #18
Dissecting a bit the motivational cliché of "believing in yourself" and that you can improve.
Season 2, episode 75
8 min /
74 - A Pack of Essentials Working in Performance Psychology, w/ Dan Abrahams
Condensed Topics Retrieved from SM Profiles of this Reference in Sport Psych
Season 2, episode 74
1 hr 20 min /
73. On Hitting and Responding to Plateaus (Skill Level Stuck) - QBIO #17
On facing and dealing efficiently with Plateaus. Not an experience to be dreaded. We lay out 2 possible routes for one to go about them
Season 2, episode 73
11 min /
72. Failure Does Not Exist, @What Drives Winning - PotW #16
Brett Ledbetter brings in a Stellar conversation around Failure to tweak our Perception of it for Good (Extra Clip from Kobe Bryant)
Season 2, episode 72
19 min /
71. An Ode to Gratitude - Benefits, Thoughts, Menaces - from Cicero, IQ #16
A Special Episode regarding Gratitude Considerations, practices, benefits, and potential risks of engaging with it the wrong way
Season 2, episode 71
35 min /
70. Parents Find their Way in Youth Sport - Risks & Healthy Approaches, w/ John O'Sullivan
Talking about Parental Practices. Common displaced Behaviors and Intentions.
Season 2, episode 70
1 hr 5 min /
69. Fear of Failure & What Others Think, @Sport Psychology Podcast - PotW #15
On Dealing with the apprehension of not being able to correspond to expectations. Dealing with Others' opinions
Season 2, episode 69
21 min /
68. Real Perseverance: Finding True Passion and Turning Defeats into Triumphs, w/ Michael Bentt (Champion)
Struggles he had ; Specific parts of his Journey ; Relationship with his Father ; Boxing episodes ; Low Depressive times ; Contrasts between Boxing & Acting
Season 2, episode 68
1 hr 27 min /
67. On Feedback (Feed-forward!) - Effective Comments to Performance Optimization, QBIO #16
On moving from the banal concept of "Feedback", to the updated "Feedforward"...
Season 2, episode 67
9 min /
66. On Failure, Expectations, Mindset, Interventions, @Sport Psychology Hour - PotW #14
An Overview and 2 examples from the Podcast Sport Psychology Hour, from Dr. Andrew Jacobs
Season 2, episode 66
16 min /
65. The Power of Anticipation - Key Aspect to go Above Average, from Gretzky, W. - IQ #15
About a key Characteristic that distinguishes good players, from stellar players...
Season 2, episode 65
16 min /
64. (!) Parental Practices to Solidify Child’s Athlete Character, w/ Richard Shorter
On Efficiently Working one's Parenting Approaches, from a "Non-perfect Dad"
Season 2, episode 64
1 hr 13 min /
63. Ready? Fire! Aim... On Excessive Preparation, QBIO #15
On Minimizing the Risks of Excessive Preparation. Get Unstuck from Internal Constraints and Perfectionism
Season 2, episode 63
9 min /
62. Overview to The Constraint Led Approach - CLA (Perception Action Podcast), PotW #13
Ever wondered that many obstacles you have in front of you are literally helping your physical and mental development? Check that out!
Season 2, episode 62
13 min /
61. Put Everything You Have/Are on the Minimum that You Do - Giving the Best, from Ruiz, M. - IQ #14
You Optimize your Performances by Doing Your Best, Right? Speaking about the Appropriate 'Best' for E-W-S
Season 2, episode 61
19 min /
60. Let's Evolve - Mindful Sports Performance Enhancement MSPE, w/ Tim Pineau PhD
Bringing Mindfulness Trainings and day-to-day Principles for E-W-S
Season 2, episode 60
55 min /
59. “Listen to me. This is what works!” OR “May I suggest you something?” Power of Questions, QBIO #14
Distilling the Power of Questions over Statements or Orders
Season 2, episode 59
8 min /

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