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EWS - Efficiently Work Sport

EWS - Efficiently Work Sport

Building Psychology for Optimization in Sports and Mental Health

To assist you in "Efficiently Work Sports" Practice, we share grounded knowledge from Psychology areas, and Motor Learning.

With professionals, EWS aims to provide Athletes, Coaches, and Parents with ways to improve Performance and Learning consistenly, while caring for Mental Health, and promoting it.

 From 5 Series, we offer diverse content for users to choose from: 


Expert Interviews | QBIO “Quick Bring It On” messages | IQ “Insight Quotes” | FR “Fresh Research” | PotW “Post of the Week"

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  • All content is aimed for Prevention and Educational Purposes, only.
  • If you feel you are under intolerable physical strain, mentally struggling, or in any bigger pain, we always recommend seeking a Psychologist for starting Psychotherapy 🙂  

EWS Trailer - Bringing Psychology & Performance Areas
Get to know our Mission, Diverse Work, and overall style
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Season 2
73. On Hitting and Responding to Plateaus (Skill Level Stuck) - QBIO #17
Season 2, episode 73
On facing and dealing efficiently with Plateaus. Not an experience to be dreaded. We lay out 2 possible routes for one to go about them
11 min /
72. Failure Does Not Exist, @What Drives Winning - PotW #16
Season 2, episode 72
Brett Ledbetter brings in a Stellar conversation around Failure to tweak our Perception of it for Good (Extra Clip from Kobe Bryant)
19 min /
71. An Ode to Gratitude - Benefits, Thoughts, Menaces - from Cicero, IQ #16
Season 2, episode 71
A Special Episode regarding Gratitude Considerations, practices, benefits, and potential risks of engaging with it the wrong way
35 min /
70. Parents Find their Way in Youth Sport - Risks & Healthy Approaches, w/ John O'Sullivan
Season 2, episode 70
Talking about Parental Practices. Common displaced Behaviors and Intentions.
1 hr 5 min /
69. Fear of Failure & What Others Think, @Sport Psychology Podcast - PotW #15
Season 2, episode 69
On Dealing with the apprehension of not being able to correspond to expectations. Dealing with Others' opinions
21 min /
68. Real Perseverance: Finding True Passion and Turning Defeats into Triumphs, w/ Michael Bentt (Champion)
Season 2, episode 68
Struggles he had ; Specific parts of his Journey ; Relationship with his Father ; Boxing episodes ; Low Depressive times ; Contrasts between Boxing & Acting
1 hr 27 min /
67. On Feedback (Feed-forward!) - Effective Comments to Performance Optimization, QBIO #16
Season 2, episode 67
On moving from the banal concept of "Feedback", to the updated "Feedforward"...
9 min /
66. On Failure, Expectations, Mindset, Interventions, @Sport Psychology Hour - PotW #14
Season 2, episode 66
An Overview and 2 examples from the Podcast Sport Psychology Hour, from Dr. Andrew Jacobs
16 min /
65. The Power of Anticipation - Key Aspect to go Above Average, from Gretzky, W. - IQ #15
Season 2, episode 65
About a key Characteristic that distinguishes good players, from stellar players...
16 min /
64. (!) Parental Practices to Solidify Child’s Athlete Character, w/ Richard Shorter
Season 2, episode 64
On Efficiently Working one's Parenting Approaches, from a "Non-perfect Dad"
1 hr 13 min /
63. Ready? Fire! Aim... On Excessive Preparation, QBIO #15
Season 2, episode 63
On Minimizing the Risks of Excessive Preparation. Get Unstuck from Internal Constraints and Perfectionism
9 min /
62. Overview to The Constraint Led Approach - CLA (Perception Action Podcast), PotW #13
Season 2, episode 62
Ever wondered that many obstacles you have in front of you are literally helping your physical and mental development? Check that out!
13 min /
61. Put Everything You Have/Are on the Minimum that You Do - Giving the Best, from Ruiz, M. - IQ #14
Season 2, episode 61
You Optimize your Performances by Doing Your Best, Right? Speaking about the Appropriate 'Best' for E-W-S
19 min /
60. Let's Evolve - Mindful Sports Performance Enhancement MSPE, w/ Tim Pineau PhD
Season 2, episode 60
Bringing Mindfulness Trainings and day-to-day Principles for E-W-S
55 min /
59. “Listen to me. This is what works!” OR “May I suggest you something?” Power of Questions, QBIO #14
Season 2, episode 59
Distilling the Power of Questions over Statements or Orders
8 min /
58. In Honor of Fair Play - Essential Element to E-W-S, PotW #12
Season 2, episode 58
Honesty, Respect, Sacrifice, Beauty... and many more critical values included in this Principle that should be at the Basis of the Sporting Practice
14 min /
57. The Limitless Potential of the Present Moment, from Carrey, J. - IQ #13
Season 2, episode 57
Do you notice yourself looking back ruminating on past mistakes; or forward with the angst of Uncertainty? What for?!
17 min /
56. OPTIMAL Model in Sports: Empowering Athletes and Learning Environments, w/ Wulf G. & Lewthwaite R.
Season 2, episode 56
A Multifold Scientific Theory that can Enhance Performance Overtime: Expectancies; Autonomy; Locus of Control w/ PhDs Leading Researchers
1 hr 26 min /
55. Bringing Kaizen - LA Lakers Story, QBIO #13
Season 2, episode 55
Distillin' the Ancient Attitude of Kaizen for everyday improvement
9 min /
54. B-Game?? Focus - Perform the Best Possible in that Moment (Sport Psych Show), PotW #11
Season 2, episode 54
Building some adaptability in the face of adversity during a difficult match against a tough team. Getting well-adjusted
12 min /
53. Clearing out What's Gone, Creating the Future, from Sherman, J. - IQ #12
Season 2, episode 53
No way to go back and produce that desirable stellar performance, right? What about conjure up what's available now, and produce a new outcome?
21 min /
52. Psicoterapia e Mindfulness no Mundo do Desporto, w/ Luís Gonçalves @Psinove
Season 2, episode 52
Como um Acompanhamento Psicológico pode ajudar Atletas e Treinadores em variadas áreas. Porque tudo está contido numa relação, e tudo está relacionado
45 min /
51. HC4 - A Formula for Pre-competition Moments, Olympian, QBIO #12
Season 2, episode 1
Ways of embodying Humility, Calmness, Concentration, Confidence, Correction
6 min /
EWS Trailer - Bringing Psychology & Performance Areas
Season 2, episode 50
Get to know our Mission, Diverse Work, and overall style
7 min /
Season 1
49. Transferring Wisdom from Poker to Performance Areas, Mental Training w/ Tommy Angelo
Season 1, episode 49
To Get Unstuck from "Tilt"! Context & Mental Tips coming from the Poker Realm
1 hr 4 min /

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