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EWS - Efficiently Work Sport

EWS - Efficiently Work Sport

Building Psychology for Optimization in Sports and Mental Health

To assist you in "Efficiently Work Sports" Practice, we share grounded knowledge from Psychology areas, and Motor Learning + Skill Development.

With professionals, EWS aims to provide Athletes, Coaches, and Parents with ways to improve Performance and Learning consistenly, while caring for Mental Health, and promoting it.

 From 5 Series, we offer diverse content for users to choose from: 


Expert Interviews | QBIO “Quick Bring It On” messages | IQ “Insight Quotes” | FR “Fresh Research” | PotW “Post of the Week"

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  • All content is aimed for Prevention and Educational Purposes, only.
  • If you feel you are under intolerable physical strain, mentally struggling, or in any bigger pain, we always recommend seeking a Psychologist for starting Psychotherapy 🙂  

EWS Trailer - Bringing Psychology & Performance Areas
Get to know our Mission, Diverse Work, and overall style
58. In Honor of Fair Play - Essential Element to E-W-S, PotW #12
Season 2, episode 58
Honesty, Respect, Sacrifice, Beauty... and many more critical values included in this Principle that should be at the Basis of the Sporting Practice
14 min /
56. OPTIMAL Model in Sports: Empowering Athletes and Learning Environments, w/ Wulf G. & Lewthwaite R.
Season 2, episode 56
A Multifold Scientific Theory that can Enhance Performance Overtime: Expectancies; Autonomy; Locus of Control w/ PhDs Leading Researchers
1 hr 26 min /
73. On Hitting and Responding to Plateaus (Skill Level Stuck) - QBIO #17
Season 2, episode 73
On facing and dealing efficiently with Plateaus. Not an experience to be dreaded. We lay out 2 possible routes for one to go about them
11 min /
72. Failure Does Not Exist, @What Drives Winning - PotW #16
Season 2, episode 72
Brett Ledbetter brings in a Stellar conversation around Failure to tweak our Perception of it for Good (Extra Clip from Kobe Bryant)
19 min /
52. Psicoterapia e Mindfulness no Mundo do Desporto, w/ Luís Gonçalves @Psinove
Season 2, episode 52
Como um Acompanhamento Psicológico pode ajudar Atletas e Treinadores em variadas áreas. Porque tudo está contido numa relação, e tudo está relacionado
45 min /
EWS Trailer - Bringing Psychology & Performance Areas
Season 2, episode 50
Get to know our Mission, Diverse Work, and overall style
7 min /
64. (!) Parental Practices to Solidify Child’s Athlete Character, w/ Richard Shorter
Season 2, episode 64
On Efficiently Working one's Parenting Approaches, from a "Non-perfect Dad"
1 hr 13 min /
68. Real Perseverance: Finding True Passion and Turning Defeats into Triumphs, w/ Michael Bentt (Champion)
Season 2, episode 68
Struggles he had ; Specific parts of his Journey ; Relationship with his Father ; Boxing episodes ; Low Depressive times ; Contrasts between Boxing & Acting
1 hr 27 min /
54. B-Game?? Focus - Perform the Best Possible in that Moment (Sport Psych Show), PotW #11
Season 2, episode 54
Building some adaptability in the face of adversity during a difficult match against a tough team. Getting well-adjusted
12 min /
51. HC4 - A Formula for Pre-competition Moments, Olympian, QBIO #12
Season 2, episode 1
Ways of embodying Humility, Calmness, Concentration, Confidence, Correction
6 min /

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