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EWS Interviews

Conversations with Experts

Dive into relevant educational conversations about:
sport situations that athletes and coaches might face, parenting issues, functional practices, and other psychological matters,

which ultimately aim to provoke a reflection into one’s life and what can be changed for efficiently work sport.


82. Efficiently Relate to Performance Anxiety - A Fearless Way, w/ Dr. Nick Lazaris
A Conversation with a Performance Psychologist helping Leaders on Public Speaking, and Athletes with Anxiety
/ 1 hr 10 min
77. Overcoming Obstacles to Excellent Performance, w/ Dr. Eddie O'Connor
Several wise accounts about approaches in Peak Performance & Dealing with difficult times in Sports
/ 59 min
74 - A Pack of Essentials Working in Performance Psychology, w/ Dan Abrahams
Condensed Topics Retrieved from SM Profiles of this Reference in Sport Psych
/ 1 hr 20 min
70. Parents Find their Way in Youth Sport - Risks & Healthy Approaches, w/ John O'Sullivan
Talking about Parental Practices. Common displaced Behaviors and Intentions.
/ 1 hr 5 min
68. Real Perseverance: Finding True Passion and Turning Defeats into Triumphs, w/ Michael Bentt (Champion)
Struggles he had ; Specific parts of his Journey ; Relationship with his Father ; Boxing episodes ; Low Depressive times ; Contrasts between Boxing & Acting
/ 1 hr 27 min
64. (!) Parental Practices to Solidify Child’s Athlete Character, w/ Richard Shorter
On Efficiently Working one's Parenting Approaches, from a "Non-perfect Dad"
/ 1 hr 13 min
60. Let's Evolve - Mindful Sports Performance Enhancement MSPE, w/ Tim Pineau PhD
Bringing Mindfulness Trainings and day-to-day Principles for E-W-S
/ 55 min
56. OPTIMAL Model in Sports: Empowering Athletes and Learning Environments, w/ Wulf G. & Lewthwaite R.
A Multifold Scientific Theory that can Enhance Performance Overtime: Expectancies; Autonomy; Locus of Control w/ PhDs Leading Researchers
/ 1 hr 26 min
52. Psicoterapia e Mindfulness no Mundo do Desporto, w/ Luís Gonçalves @Psinove
Como um Acompanhamento Psicológico pode ajudar Atletas e Treinadores em variadas áreas. Porque tudo está contido numa relação, e tudo está relacionado
/ 45 min
49. Transferring Wisdom from Poker to Performance Areas, Mental Training w/ Tommy Angelo
To Get Unstuck from "Tilt"! Context & Mental Tips coming from the Poker Realm
/ 1 hr 4 min
40. Mental Toughness Off the Field: Performance Mastery w/ Brian Cain
Inertia from big pause due to Covid-19? Is your motivation low? Want to amp up your energy levels?...
/ 44 min
36. Real Help at Home - Emotions & Adaptations Quarantine Covid19, w/ Ana Moniz (Pt)
Estar em casa e o aborrecimento, a frustração, a inércia, a tristeza... aparecem. O que te desconcerta... Breve entrevista com Psicoterapeuta
/ 43 min
32. Nutrir a Aprendizagem com Empatia + Ética Desportiva w/ João Miguel (Pt2)
Limitações impostas no treino/trabalho é algo chato?! Como Obstáculos podem ser úteis e muito + Temáticas...
/ 47 min
31. A Especialidade de Não te Tornares Especialista - Vantagens da Diversidade de Estímulos w/ João Miguel (Pt1)
Há treinos/trabalhos que parecem em vão. Mas e se pudesses realisticamente tirar proveito de qualquer cenário? 
/ 51 min
25. Diving on Growth Mindset (Goodies of Struggle), w/ Trevor Ragan
The Philosophy of Growth Mindset: Probably the #1 Ingredient for E-W-S! Do you want to improve your Mental Game?..
/ 59 min
18. Persistir Adequadamente: Desempenho e Processos na dor, c/ Miguel Lucas
És um atleta e gostavas de te superar quando te atingem algumas dificuldades nas competições a nível mental?..
/ 1 hr 9 min
10. (!) The Essentials of Deliberate Practice w/ Alexandre Vaz, PhD
Deliberate Practice for Sports, Therapists, and beyond! Tune in for a unique conversation on this topic and with this awesome Expert at several crafts!
/ 55 min
EWS - Efficiently Work Sport
A podcast by Gonçalo Marques @EWS
Building Psychology for Optimization in Sports and Mental Health

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