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'Fresh Research' Units from the Scientific Literature

On this, we share summarized publications showing the main theories and models in the Sport Psychology and Learning research world.

Also, the latest scientific experiments and discoveries are laid out here.


78. Sleep Review for Athletes - Maladaptations & Recovery, FR #4
Some Essential Notes and Data from Fresh Science Research around Sleep Regarding to Elite Athletes + Notes for and from General Population
50 min /
41. Sobre Redefinição de Objectivos - O Atleta em Pausa, FR #3
Algum desamparo quando nesta fase não podes treinar da mesma forma, e as competições estão paradas?... 
24 min /
19. Self-Esteem in Sports Contexts and Impacts on Performance - FR #2
Does a boost in self-esteem necessarily leads to increased performance levels? And what's this, exactly?..
27 min /
11. The OPTIMAL Model for Motor Learning & High Performance - FR 1
EWS presents the 'Optimizing Performance Through Intrinsic Motivation and Attention for Learning' Model.
42 min /
Preview Episode 4 EWS Fresh Research Series
On this Rubric, users will listen to Extended Episodes on the Research realms of Sport Psychology and Motor Development. Stay informed and up to date with knowledge that can be very useful for sports practice and other Performance domains.Gathering and...
8 min /
EWS - Efficiently Work Sport
A podcast by Gonçalo Marques @EWS
Building Psychology for Optimization in Sports and Mental Health

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