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'Insight Quotes'

A series of iconic quotes for honing the deep and concise wisdom from renowned personalities.

A dissection of those can provide not only the knowledge they transmit, but also ideas to embody and implement what is inspiring.

80. Feelings Prior to Performance - Adaptation & Reflection, from Ravizza K. - IQ #17
Hoping that you (Athlete) shake it off some rules you have around depending on certain feelings to perform "well". Well enough is key, here
/ 19 min
71. An Ode to Gratitude - Benefits, Thoughts, Menaces - from Cicero, IQ #16
A Special Episode regarding Gratitude Considerations, practices, benefits, and potential risks of engaging with it the wrong way
/ 35 min
65. The Power of Anticipation - Key Aspect to go Above Average, from Gretzky, W. - IQ #15
About a key Characteristic that distinguishes good players, from stellar players...
/ 16 min
61. Put Everything You Have/Are on the Minimum that You Do - Giving the Best, from Ruiz, M. - IQ #14
You Optimize your Performances by Doing Your Best, Right? Speaking about the Appropriate 'Best' for E-W-S
/ 19 min
57. The Limitless Potential of the Present Moment, from Carrey, J. - IQ #13
Do you notice yourself looking back ruminating on past mistakes; or forward with the angst of Uncertainty? What for?!
/ 17 min
53. Clearing out What's Gone, Creating the Future, from Sherman, J. - IQ #12
No way to go back and produce that desirable stellar performance, right? What about conjure up what's available now, and produce a new outcome?
/ 21 min
47. Having learned it all is a Menace! from Hoffer, E. - IQ #11
A paradox showing there's always something to be learned
/ 10 min
44. Embrace Failure - Better Attempts - Less Shame, from James, W. - IQ #10
In the face of several failed attempts in the execution of some technical move, a person may start to get discouraged...
/ 21 min
39. Good Supportive Behavior by Phoenix, J. - IQ #9
On Encouragement, Group Support, and Looking where one's headed
/ 15 min
35. From Bad to Good Judgment - Road to Success, w/ Brown, R. - IQ #8
Avoiding mistakes is a natural reaction... What other ways you can have to respond to those. Let's discover more.
/ 13 min
30. The Works for Work-ability - Explaining E-W-S choice, from Marques, G. - IQ #7
How's your workings during this Quarantine? Workouts* ; your Work* What can you still do to improve your game? The goodies of "Work"
/ 15 min
27. On Preparation, Routines, Regulation w/ Ravizza, K. - IQ #6
Do you somehow get turned off during matches? This one serves to help in engaging properly on those distant moments in plays
/ 9 min
22. A Failure Gets One Closer to Score, from Babe Ruth (Baseball) - IQ #5
Mistakes are often observed as signals of inability and can disempower an athlete. What if you can tolerate more of those, and even gain from them?
/ 9 min
17. Battles Inside us (What counts?), from Owens, J.) - IQ#4
»» What do You Need to Uncover and Conquer in the Pursuit of Medals? Sometimes we face tough opponents and deal with severe challenges on the fields during game time. But many times we may struggle with elements inside our psyche, even harder to fight....
/ 9 min
14. Engage in Good Practices - Outcomes as Byproducts, from Dweck, C. - IQ #3
See the Outcomes as Byproducts. Byproducts of What? It depends. But to achieve the desired ones, one should take advantage of what is best in training. -- Listen in, as our host goes on touching crucial aspects, so that both Athletes and Coaches reflect...
/ 10 min
9. A Tribute to Kobe Bryant - 4 Quotes (Extended Episode), IQ #2
A bunch of Kobe's quotes unpacked to bring power and inspiration in various forms! Marking EWS Tribute to Kobe Bryant in the day of his memorial
/ 18 min
6. Real Optimism (to Create & Grab Opportunities), from WChurchill - IQ #1
A tricky quote from Winston Churchill. Some enthusiastics may say that you just gotta be Positive and things work out just well. But...
/ 7 min
EWS #0 - EWS General Overview - Trailer
What EWS is up to and how we seek to assist Athletes, Coaches, and Parents in different ways
/ 7 min
EWS - Efficiently Work Sport
A podcast by Gonçalo Marques @EWS
Building Psychology for Optimization in Sports and Mental Health

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