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Post of the Week 4 EWS

A place for the opportunity to share valuable content made by other professionals on the Psychology or Sports realm.

We slightly expose what’s contained there, and give some opinion, opening up space for exploration and connection.

81. When Taking Things Personally - Impacts of Criticism, @TedTalk Frederik Imbo - Potw #18
Some Stories and Lessons coming from an Actor, Public Speaker, and most impactfully, a Soccer Referee - on "How Not to Take Things Personally"
/ 24 min
76. Stressing on Mental Training + Neutral Thinking, @TedTalk Russel Wilson - PotW #17
On Mental Poise, and the process Russel uses to perform under pressure and dealing with life's difficulties
/ 13 min
72. Failure Does Not Exist, @What Drives Winning - PotW #16
Brett Ledbetter brings in a Stellar conversation around Failure to tweak our Perception of it for Good (Extra Clip from Kobe Bryant)
/ 19 min
69. Fear of Failure & What Others Think, @Sport Psychology Podcast - PotW #15
On Dealing with the apprehension of not being able to correspond to expectations. Dealing with Others' opinions
/ 21 min
66. On Failure, Expectations, Mindset, Interventions, @Sport Psychology Hour - PotW #14
An Overview and 2 examples from the Podcast Sport Psychology Hour, from Dr. Andrew Jacobs
/ 16 min
62. Overview to The Constraint Led Approach - CLA (Perception Action Podcast), PotW #13
Ever wondered that many obstacles you have in front of you are literally helping your physical and mental development? Check that out!
/ 13 min
58. In Honor of Fair Play - Essential Element to E-W-S, PotW #12
Honesty, Respect, Sacrifice, Beauty... and many more critical values included in this Principle that should be at the Basis of the Sporting Practice
/ 14 min
54. B-Game?? Focus - Perform the Best Possible in that Moment (Sport Psych Show), PotW #11
Building some adaptability in the face of adversity during a difficult match against a tough team. Getting well-adjusted
/ 12 min
45. 5 C's of Psychology to Keep in Mind in Sports, PotW #10
5 Key Mental Characteristics and transferring them to any sports practice. Confidence, Commitment, Control, Concentration, Communication
/ 15 min
42. To be OR Not to be Selected: Internal Locus of Control - van Persie, PotW #9
A short manifestation against blaming others and externals for one's predicament...
/ 18 min
37. Two Clashing Perspectives? Bring the genius into the Team, PotW #8
Two apparent opposing stances for an athlete to adopt... Let's reconcile that.
/ 14 min
34. Guidelines e Recomendações em Casa? (@OPP & GAPP) - PotW 7
Farto da rotina durante a Quarentena? Ou da falta dela?  -- Já sabemos que sabes das recomendações habituais... O que fazer agora?
/ 14 min
28. Anxiety Coping (Quarantine Period) - PotW #6
A static productive train at home during quarantine? Yes, it’s possible! Let's do more than the physical routines...
/ 12 min
24. Dicas Diárias CoViD19 (@SportsEmbassy) - PotW #5
Ref. a Entidade que apoia os atletas não só no seu rendimento, como também no seu Desenvolvimento Pessoal.
/ 8 min
20. On Efficiently Receiving Criticism (@TomBilyeu) - PotW #4
Being confronted and being the aim of harsh criticism is a difficult challenge. Let's efficiently deal with that...
/ 14 min
15. On 70 Lessons from Ken Ravizza (@BrianCain) - PotW #3
Have you ever stayed at the shore, knowing that on the sea was the Action and thrill you would like to be in? So dive in on this one
/ 13 min
12. Growth Mindset Education in Sports -  @TheLearnerLab - PotW 2
A Big Theme that can Strenghten Attitude towards Learning and Challenging situations in Sports...
/ 10 min
7. Inconsistências entre Treino-Jogo - @miguellucas71 - PotW #1
Post de um Psicólogo do Desporto - Miguel Lucas - do Instagram. Inconsistência por vezes encontrada em atletas...
/ 8 min
EWS - Efficiently Work Sport
A podcast by Gonçalo Marques @EWS
Building Psychology for Optimization in Sports and Mental Health

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