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5min 'Quick Bring it On Messages'

With this one, you can listen on-the-go to 3-6mins ideas which are liable for reflection, and potentially applicable to sports practice or other areas of life.

83. A WIN Acronym to Win consistently, ft. Dr. Eddie O'Connor - QBIO #20
A beautiful little tweak to the word "Win" to have in mind during tougher moments during Practice or Competition
/ 12 min
79. Regret or Embarrassment - Psychological Tendencies in Sports, QBIO #19
Alittle tricky play on the popular game of "Would you Rather" and drawing on some implications applied to Sports
/ 10 min
75. Belief in Improvement - Behavioral Implications, QBIO #18
Dissecting a bit the motivational cliché of "believing in yourself" and that you can improve.
/ 8 min
73. On Hitting and Responding to Plateaus (Skill Level Stuck) - QBIO #17
On facing and dealing efficiently with Plateaus. Not an experience to be dreaded. We lay out 2 possible routes for one to go about them
/ 11 min
67. On Feedback (Feed-forward!) - Effective Comments to Performance Optimization, QBIO #16
On moving from the banal concept of "Feedback", to the updated "Feedforward"...
/ 9 min
63. Ready? Fire! Aim... On Excessive Preparation, QBIO #15
On Minimizing the Risks of Excessive Preparation. Get Unstuck from Internal Constraints and Perfectionism
/ 9 min
59. “Listen to me. This is what works!” OR “May I suggest you something?” Power of Questions, QBIO #14
Distilling the Power of Questions over Statements or Orders
/ 8 min
55. Bringing Kaizen - LA Lakers Story, QBIO #13
Distillin' the Ancient Attitude of Kaizen for everyday improvement
/ 9 min
51. HC4 - A Formula for Pre-competition Moments, Olympian, QBIO #12
Ways of embodying Humility, Calmness, Concentration, Confidence, Correction
/ 6 min
46. Rubber Band Lesson - Optimal Stretch, QBIO #11
The next time you will see a rubber band :D Regarding the frontier of one's Comfort Zone
/ 8 min
43. 239 Segundos para a Glória - Limites e Superação, QBIO #10
Uma história de superação; Exemplo do papel invisível que limitações ao nível psicológico podem causar...
/ 6 min
38. Reloading Mindset: Prepare Better for Next Try, QBIO #9
In the face of missed attempts, it might be hard to digest the sour results... Frustration can creep in. Let's deal with that
/ 8 min
33. Frogs and Insects Teach us a Lesson - QBIO #8
Frogs don't eat insects that are quiet. Only the ones that move! What about this function to be applied to EWS?...
/ 7 min
29. Sacrifício Agora, Ganhos no Futuro - A Tua Pessoa - QBIO #7
Como é que esta pausa grande fora das competições pode ser aproveitada? Sabemos que espírito de sacrifício é bom...
/ 5 min
26. Grooming Choices (Sacrifice & Investment) - QBIO #6
What will you lose? What will you gain? A Forgotten Characteristic on Making Decisions...
/ 5 min
21. Atitude Anti-frágil (Prática de Resiliência?) - QBIO #5
Há adversidades que te atiram para baixo? Ou consegues ficar mais forte com elas?..
/ 5 min
16. Bring it to the Front (Office Settings) - QBIO #4
Got frustrated or stuck this week in a sports situation? This one is big for open up Perspective.
/ 5 min
13. Abordagem 4S's (Sorri porque ganhas) - QBIO #3
Uma abordagem positiva (e decente!) para se poder implementar em qualquer ocasião.
/ 5 min
8. The BIO Style Part 2 (On Comfort), QBIO #2
Bring It (Comfort) On! Experienced some kind of struggle or indecision when facing a sports or relational challenge? Comfort is also to bring on this Series afterall!
/ 6 min
5. The B-I-O Style for E_W_S, QBIO #1
Kicking off by explaining the choice of the title for this EWS Series... Bring It On! Listen if you want to efficiently work out challenges and your relationship with Discomfort
/ 5 min
2. QBIO 0 - Preview of this Series
Welcome to our Simplest and Forthright Rubric: The "Quick Bring It On" Messages!
/ 4 min
EWS - Efficiently Work Sport
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Building Psychology for Optimization in Sports and Mental Health

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