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Helping Mankind Get Into The MetaVerse

Helping Mankind Get Into The MetaVerse

Can you make money staking Cryptocurrencies?
In this series, I explain how to make money by staking cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency market is continuing to rise and becoming mainstream with institutional adaptations. It's important to know how to make money by staking cryptos. Staking is a great way to earn a passive income in crypto. It lets you earn by lending your coins on an exchange or by trading.
6 min /
Complete Guide to Staking Sandbox on Polygon Chain
This episode is a guide to staking sandbox and polygon pair (to make 121%+ return!). In this episode we will show you how to stake sandbox/polygon and go through the entire process step by step.
26 min /
Creepz NFTs, next NFT bluechip project?
What's the next blue chip NFT project? It's hard to tell, but there are plenty of interesting token projects coming up that you should definitely keep an eye on. Please comment below your feedback and any questions you have.
37 min /
C-01 Blue Chip Fashion NFT in both Sandbox and Decentraland MetaVerse?
Fashion is Fast connecting to the MetaVerse and its the next big thing happening in the MetaVerse. I came across this project that details how you can get involved in this using a solid team behind you.
37 min /
109% APR staking with axie infinity Research and Full Tutorial on Staking
In this episode I'll show you step-by-step how to stake Axie Infinity tokens for a 109% APR return. Axie Infinity is a very strong Metaverse project with a huge potential and It's a great way to make some passive income in the process
10 min /
A P2E NFT Project You Will Like if You Liked "Eternals"!
Under the Radar Upcoming P2E I am keeping a close eye on and will most definitely be minting! Watch their space closely. We have a few Whitelist Spots GiveAway Contest on this!
12 min /
Yeti Army, Crookz, Metaverse Casino and Update on the Lizard Invasion (1000%+ ROI!)
Yeti Army, Crookz, Metaverse Casino and Update on the Lizard Invasion (1000%+ ROI!)
20 min /
Next BlueChip NFT Creepz Update - How to Get Started now for a low entry Fee
Here's a quick episode that breaks down the different moving parts of the ecosysteem and possible ways to get in at a low cost. The project has already done more then 10x since my first Creepz Video. This is like getting into BAYC really early. Catch this opportunity before it becomes mainstream!
18 min /
Generative Dungeon a Playable NFT game coming soon!
WOW! Here is the first playable NFT game on the Ethereum blockchain. to compete with the likes of Axie Infinity. This is a project called "Generative Dungeon".
4 min /
Creepz Update 31 Jan - 3 Ways to Get in Without a Genesis and Shapeshifters Explained
We've been getting a lot of requests on how to get in to the Creepz NFT Game without a Genesis as its quite pricy to get in. In this video we will go over 3 ways to get in for a low entry fee. We will also go over what a Shapeshifter is, why they are so important, and what its application is.
25 min /
Upcoming NFT Play to Earn Projects with low entry but high potentials!
Wouldn't it be great to get in early on blue chip NFT projects? In this episode we will discuss 3 projects that are at a very early stage with a lot of potentials. We will be giving away a few whitelist spots that we secured for our viewers.
8 min /
MekaApes - Low Entry Fee P2E Game, Still Get In At Mint Price!
Want to get into the P2E NFT space without a big capital outlay? Ooga is a project we have been following for some time and it came with recommendations of a number of influencers and whales.
30 min /
Elysium Metagods - Play to Earn NFT Game
In this episode we will discuss the Elysium Metagods project, an P2E early stage project with a lot of potentials.
12 min /
Creepz - The Yield Maths and calculating the ROI
In this episode we break down and analyse the different ROIs for the different creepz NFTs and work out their returns on a strictly mathematical point of view.
28 min /
Paris Hilton leading the web 3.0 revolution with her own NFT Collections!
Paris Hilton was a pioneer during the web 2.0 revolution and now she is leading the web 3.0 revolution by being a pioneering queen of NFTs.
14 min /
Two Interesting Early Stage NFT Projects, Get In Pre Reveal | Atari 50th | Freaks N' Guilds
In this episode I share with you two nft projects that are at pre reveal stage with a very solid team and companies behind them still at a very affordable price.
9 min /
Part 1 - Conspiracy, NFTs, Creepz Season 1 Update
In this episode we start touching up on conspiracies, market dynamics on crypto vs NFTs and Creepz and the strategy forward.
15 min /
Part 2 - Ooga Meka Season 1.5
Meka Apes is a low entry fee P2E game. In this episode I bring you some updates about their Season 1.5 and the updated staking structure they brought in as well as some strategies we are currently following.
8 min /
Urgent Update - Freaks'N Guilds P2E NFT Game
Update about 'Freaks'N Guilds' As you know, with P2E NFTs its best to get in early to get maximum results and this might be one such opportunity by timing it right.
7 min /
Creepz Alpha Group - Interview with the Founder Tr3y.eth
Creepz Alpha Group - Interview with the Founder Tr3y.eth
40 min /
8 Figure BAYC Portfolio 47 Apes and Counting The Story Behind Franklin Caldwell II
The Story Behind "Franklin Caldwell II"
38 min /
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exponentials.tv - a web 3 media outlet focusing on todays exponential success stories and the metaverse.

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