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Fach Khedam? فاش خدام؟

Fach Khedam? فاش خدام؟

Sharing & Inspiring !

" فاش خدام؟ " هو بودكاست يتتبع الرحلة المهنية للمغاربة والمغاربة المقيمين بالخارج من خلفيات مختلفة ، بهدف إلهام مستمعيه.

طالب ، حديث التخرج ، فنان أو مدير ، تبحث عن وظيفتك الأولى ، تحديات الجديدة ، التوجيه، أو مجرد فضول لمعرفة المزيد عن مهن مختلفة؟  فاش خدام؟ هو البودكاست مناسب للجميع، من الطلاب الباحثين عن الإلهام ، إلى "البرغاغا" الفضوليين

 "فاش خدام؟ للإلهام والمشاركة "

About the host

Yassine-Soussane.jpgYassine Soussane is a Moroccan living in Shanghai, who’s always looking for new things to learn and share.

“I love to listen to people’s journeys and stories; I also like to motivate and support people around me. I helped encourage some friends to chase their dreams, start their own businesses, leave their comfort zones, start new challenges – sometimes even to move abroad!  

“While calling my family to celebrate Eid this year, the conversation turned to focus on our youngest member. I helped inspire them about their future, giving them advice based on my experience, and that’s how the idea of Fach Khedam? was born. I wanted to share and inspire not only those around me, but as many people as I can possibly reach.”

About the podcast: 

Fach Khedam? is a podcast that traces the professional journeys of Moroccans, living both domestically and abroad, from different horizons. It intends to inspire its listeners. 

Fach Khedam? is most relevant to students and fresh graduates, but beyond these groups, it will be of interest to anyone looking for new challenges, guidance, or those who are simply curious ‘bergagas’ who want to know more about different professions.

Fach Khedam? is here to share and inspire!

Why this Podcast: 

We aim to introduce a diversity of people, with different backgrounds and different journeys. We don't only interview white collar workers, or senior managers; we interview up and down the ladder, across a variety of industries. From education to motorsports, Youtubers to musicians, artists to designers, lesser-known to famous, we cast our net wide.

‘Fach Khedam?’ – roughly translating as ‘What’s your job?’ – tends to be used in small talk. In Fach Khedam?, we aim to reclaim and elevate this question, delving deeper than most would in its everyday use. The result is more positive, and much more inspiring.

Be our Guest: 

Are you a successful person, and like to spread positive vibes? Are you ready to talk about your experiences, share tips, ups & downs, and inspire others?  

Send us an email with the subject: Guest / Name / Job 

Provide a short introduction about you and your experience, and we will make sure to get back to you and see what we can do together! 


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