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FairPlay | Challenge Wrongful Convictions with Imran Siddiqui of Justice News

FairPlay | Challenge Wrongful Convictions with Imran Siddiqui of Justice News

Seeking Justice Against Injustices and Wrongful Incarceration | Justice For The Innocent

FairPlay is an original discussion series on Wrongful Convictions from JustcieNews.Net where a "Fair" dialog takes place from the vantage point of the accused, and brings forward those voices that are mostly ignored by the society. Hosted by Justice News managing editor Imran Siddiqui FairPlay sheds light on the injustices in the U.S. justice system, based on facts, data and ground realities, without any fear to speak the truth. FairPlay Conversations@JusticeNews un-covers a wide variety of issues ranging from criminal justice reform, to racial discrimination, bias, corruption, cruel and unusual punishment, rehabilitation and seeking justice for the wrongly convicted. FairPlay guests come from all walks of life sharing their perspectives and real-life experiences that are directly impacted by decisions made within the U.S. judicial systems.

FairPlay music credits at SoundStripe. Views expressed by the guests in this program are their own views and are not endorsed by Justice News.

Justice News.Net highlights and uncovers the Injustices taking place in communities across America today and provides analysis on how the United States Justice System ensures fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans. Our focus is on “Justice for all” and particularly for those individuals who are incarcerated, in captivity or convicted and imprisoned wrongfully. Check out the The JPaper read The JBlog listen to the audio series FairPlay and discover FreeCaptives. At Justice News we report the under-reported through the eyes of justice, ears of mercy, heart of compassion and we are armed with the truth.


FairPlay EP8 | John Ortiz Kehoe. 25 Years and Counting
Justice for an Accuser a Defendant and a Missing Girl
Season 1, episode 8
1 hr 17 min /
Kemen Taylor | FairPlay EP20 S2 | False Eyewitness Testimony Breeds Wrongful Convictions.
The Injustice of False EyeWitness Testimony - A Stab in The Heart of American Justice Values.
Season 2, episode 20
1 hr 21 min /
Michael Smith | FairPlay EP24 S2 | The Case With No Indictment
No Evidence No Intent No Indictment. Yet A Decade of Wrongful Conviction.
Season 2, episode 24
24 min /
Omar Muhammad | FairPlay EP23 S2 | A Crime With No Victim?
Can you be coerced to allege criminal sexual assault on your partner? And who then is the actual victim?
Season 2, episode 23
36 min /
Mahdi Ali | FairPlay EP 18 S2 | Juvenile Injustice. Growing Up Wrongfully Incarcerated.
Another Childhood Destroyed By The U.S. Justice System. Will It Exonerate Him?
Season 2, episode 18
1 hr 19 min /
FairPlay EP10 | Justice For Leonard Coleman - Not Done Yet
Moving Forward Despite The Odds
Season 1, episode 10
2 hr 15 min /
FairPlay EP6 | Lydell Grant Is Exonerated
How to convict an innocent man in America, but not get away with it, this time.
Season 1, episode 6
1 hr 21 min /
Trent Taylor | FairPlay EP15 S2 | Dis-Qualified Immunity.
"Taylor v. Riojas" A Crack In The Wall of Dis-Qualified Immunity. When Govt. Thugs Have No Place Left To Hide.
Season 2, episode 15
1 hr 12 min /
John Merritt | FairPlay EP22 S2 | Florida Commissioners on Offender Review Are Corrupted Vermins.
When The Tsunami of Justice Comes. The Unjust Are Mowed Down and Destroyed.
Season 2, episode 22
18 min /
FairPlay EP13 S2 | Temujin Kensu. The Man They Don't Want To Let Go
American Justice System Is Rigged To The Core.
Season 2, episode 13
1 hr 58 min /

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