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Fight For Love

Fight For Love

How to take back your marriage from porn

Join LifeWay author and founder of Fight For Love Ministries,  Rosie Makinney, as she tackles everything you need to know about helping your porn addicted spouse. By introducing you to the best resources and experts available, this honest and upbeat show will educate and motivate you to take proactive action to take back your marriage from porn.

Over the weeks you will discover:

  • Why time is of the essence when porn is rewiring your husband's brain.
  • Why trying to compete with porn only makes things worse..
  • What is the best thing you can do for your husband
  • What recovery from porn addiction looks like.
  • How to rebuild marriage after traumatizing sex
  • Why betrayal causes trauma in the brain 
  • How to help your spouse develop empathy
  • What fighting against porn will do for you, your marriage, your family, and your faith.


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Season 4
90. Helping Kids Navigate Hypersexualized Culture with Barb Winters
A mom's story of helping her son through his porn addiction
Season 4, episode 92
/ 36 min
89. Co-Occurring Disorders & Sexual Addiction with Julie St. Onge
When you suspect there's something else going on with your husband.
Season 4, episode 91
/ 25 min
88. Spiritual Warfare in Marriage with Tim Muehlhoff
Unpacking the tactics of Satan and what to do about it
Season 4, episode 90
/ 37 min
87. When Porn Leads to Prison with Jen, Rebecca and Lynn
Hope and healing for wives whose husbands are incarcerated.
Season 4, episode 87
/ 1 hr 22 min
86. Reclaiming Your Sexual Identity After Betrayal with Bonny Burns
Sexual Clarity for Christian Women
Season 4, episode 86
/ 36 min
85. Should I Marry Him? with Crystal Renaud Day
Part 1: Evaluating your Struggle with Singledom
Season 4, episode 85
/ 47 min
84. God, Sex & Your Marriage with Dr. Juli Slattery
Redeeming the most private and painful part of your marriage
Season 4, episode 84
/ 44 min
83. What to Expect When You Are Getting Divorced
Part 2 Panel: With Ruth, Jen and Tami
Season 4, episode 83
/ 51 min
82. How do you know when it's time to get Divorced?
Part 1 of 2: Panel discussion with Ruth, Jen, and Tami.
Season 4, episode 82
/ 48 min
81. Oxygen Mask #2 : When you feel Ugly and Unattractive
Moving from Self Condemnation to Self Compassion.
Season 4, episode 81
/ 9 min
80. From Shame to Grace with Jessica Harris
Female Pornography Addiction
Season 4, episode 80
/ 50 min
79. Moving from Fear to Faith with Jennifer Hand
Season 4 Kick Off with Inspirational Disaster Trauma Counsellor
Season 4, episode 79
/ 43 min
Season 3
78. Helping Addicts Empathize with Carol Juergensen Sheets
How Addicts Can Help Their Partners Heal.
Season 3, episode 78
/ 42 min
77. New Technology for Internet Filtering - Canopy with Sean Clifford
Using Artificial Intelligence to Scan for Porn in Real Time.
Season 3, episode 77
/ 28 min
76. Redemption After Adultery with Christy Neal
Hope and Healing for Women who have an Affair
Season 3, episode 76
/ 55 min
75. Hope for the Perpetually Neglected with Karen Rellos
Living with an intimacy avoidant partner
Season 3, episode 75
/ 52 min
74. Gaslighting with Sarah Morales
Unbecoming who you were never meant to be.
Season 3, episode 74
/ 52 min
73. The 3 Stages of Betrayal-Trauma Recovery with Lisa Taylor
What recovery can do for you!
Season 3, episode 73
/ 1 hr 2 min
72. Oxygen Mask #1 : When You Feel Like Giving Up
Finding strength in your weakest moment
Season 3, episode 72
/ 8 min
71. Helping Daughters Heal with Kristin Cary
Dealing with a parent's problematic sexual behavior
Season 3, episode 71
/ 29 min
70. Rethinking Human Trafficking
Using our own vulnerability to help others
Season 3, episode 70
/ 46 min
69. Your Big Sexy Comeback with Jenni Rochelle
Embracing a beautiful healthy life after betrayal
Season 3, episode 69
/ 33 min
68. Pure Desire Ministries with Ashley Jameson
Helping wives discern healthy recovery groups
Season 3, episode 68
/ 1 hr 2 min
67. The Intimacy Pyramid with Matthew & Joanna Raabsmith
Creating beauty out of the ashes of betrayal.
Season 3, episode 67
/ 43 min
66. Residential Trauma Intensives with Matt Wenger
Behind the Scenes at Boulder Recovery
Season 3, episode 66
/ 44 min

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