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Fight For Love

Fight For Love

How to take back your marriage from porn

Join LifeWay author and founder of Fight For Love Ministries,  Rosie Makinney, and her fabulous team of wives, Crystal, Miranda, Mindy and Jené, as they tackle everything you need to know about helping your porn addicted spouse.

This honest and upbeat panel discussion will educate and motivate you to take proactive action to take back your marriage from porn.   

Over the weeks you will discover:

  • Why time is of the essence when porn is rewiring your husband's brain.
  • Why trying to compete with porn only makes things worse..
  • What is the best thing you can do for your husband
  • What recovery from porn addiction looks like.
  • What fighting against porn will do for you, your marriage, your family, and your faith.


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Season 2
In The Trenches With Leeah
Season 2, episode 49
Stories of Recovery From The Frontline #3
22 min /
In The Trenches With Tanya
Season 2, episode 48
Stories of Recovery From The Frontline #2
34 min /
In The Trenches with Jen
Season 2, episode 47
Stories of Recovery From The Frontline
27 min /
Fantasy Addiction with Lacy Bentley
Season 2, episode 46
When escape into fantasy is hard to escape
57 min /
Rethinking Sexuality with Dr Juli Slattery
Season 2, episode 45
God's Design For Our Sexuality and Why It Matters.
43 min /
Unmissable Ministries #6 Live Free Wives with Melissa Ruff
Season 2, episode 44
Affordable accessible help and healing for betrayed wives
39 min /
Unmissable Ministries #5  Parents Aware Part 2
Season 2, episode 43
More Tools and Strategies To Help You Protect Your Kids
20 min /
Unmissable Ministries #5 Parents Aware Part 1
Season 2, episode 42
Our No 1 Resource To Help You Protect Your Kids
36 min /
Guys Talk Q & A  Part 2 of 2
Season 2, episode 41
Recovery from the porn addicted husband's perspective
1 hr /
Guys Talk  Q & A  Part 1 of 2
Season 2, episode 40
Our husbands get real about why and how they successfully kicked their porn addiction.
43 min /
Emotional Abuse with Anne Blythe
Season 2, episode 39
Interview with Anne Blythe - Founder of Betrayal Trauma Recovery
46 min /
Betrayal Trauma with Dr Barbara Steffens
Season 2, episode 38
Interview with Dr Barbara Steffens - Author, Therapist, Professor and Founder of APSATS
50 min /
Man to Man : Why Should I Get Into Recovery?
Season 2, episode 37
Interview with CSAT Mark Makinney
21 min /
Will I Ever Trust Him Again?
Season 2, episode 36
Re-run of episode 6
25 min /
The Problem With Porn
Season 2, episode 35
Fight For Love's Biblical Battleplan - Chapter 1
26 min /
Jené's Story
Season 2, episode 34
Recovery is not a straight line.
36 min /
Unmissable Ministries #4 Husband Material
Season 2, episode 33
Interview with Drew Boa
35 min /
'Porn Proofing Your Children' Guest Podcast: IMBetween
Season 2, episode 32
Interview with Rosie Makinney by Daniel and Christina Im
33 min /
Unmissable Ministries #3 Be Broken Ministries
Season 2, episode 31
Interview with Gigi Hopkins - Wives Care Coordinator
34 min /
Help! Watching TV with my husband is a minefield!
Season 2, episode 30
Tools to help you find something safe to watch
28 min /
'Taking Your Marriage Back from Porn' Guest Podcast: Java With Juli
Season 2, episode 29
Interview with Rosie Makinney by Dr Juli Slattery from Authentic Intimacy
44 min /
Back to Basics - Episode 5 Rerun : What does Recovery Look Like?
Season 2, episode 28
What it feels like to be hurled down the rabbit hole of recovery.
24 min /
Unmissable Ministries #2 Hope Redefined
Season 2, episode 27
Interview with Lyschel Burket, Lead Hope Castor and founder of Hope Redefined
32 min /
Should He Tell Me All His Thoughts?
Season 2, episode 26
Discerning what level of sharing will help and what will harm.
47 min /
What to look for in a counselor?
Season 2, episode 25
Questions to ask a potential counselor or therapist
58 min /
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