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Episodes to share with your addicted partner

Message of hope and truth for those addicted.

To help you explain to your partner what you have been learning, we've put together a selection of episodes that might be useful to share. 

Hope and Healing for Couples with Charity and Clinton Munoz
Unmissable Ministry #6 Restored2More
58 min /
51. BONUS EPISODE - Guest Podcast Restored2More
Rosie and Mark get real with Charity and Clinton
1 hr 1 min /
41. Guys Talk Q & A  Part 2 of 2
Recovery from the porn addicted husband's perspective
1 hr /
40. Guys Talk  Q & A  Part 1 of 2
Our husbands get real about why and how they successfully kicked their porn addiction.
43 min /
37. Man to Man : Why Should I Get Into Recovery?
Interview with CSAT Mark Makinney
21 min /
33. Unmissable Ministries #4 Husband Material
Interview with Drew Boa
35 min /
What to look for in a counselor?
Questions to ask a potential counselor or therapist
58 min /
Standing firm in the thick of it.
How and when to set your boundaries
31 min /
What every pastor needs to know about porn addiction
15 must-know facts about porn addiction, spouses and recovery
47 min /
Fight For Love
A podcast by Fight For Love
How to take back your marriage from porn
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