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In the Trenches

Episodes to get you up to speed with the basics - fast.

If you are brand new to recovery, work through these episodes - oldest episodes first!

57. In The Trenches with Jody
Stories of Recovery From The Frontline #7
25 min /
56. In The Trenches with SarahJean - Hope
Stories of Recovery From The Frontline #6
30 min /
In The Trenches with Stacey - Spiritual Warfare
Stories of Recovery From The Frontline #5
39 min /
46. Fantasy Addiction with Lacy Bentley
When escape into fantasy is hard to escape
57 min /
38. Betrayal Trauma with Dr Barbara Steffens
Interview with Dr Barbara Steffens - Author, Therapist, Professor and Founder of APSATS
50 min /
34. Jené's Story
Recovery is not a straight line.
36 min /
30. Help! Watching TV with my husband is a minefield!
Tools to help you find something safe to watch
28 min /
26. Should He Tell Me All His Thoughts?
Discerning what level of sharing will help and what will harm.
47 min /
Will I ever feel the same way again? / Will it help if I take pictures of myself?
Is it possible to re-fall in love? Is it okay if he looks at me instead of porn?
28 min /
Can A Wife Go Into Recovery By Herself?
Interview with Ruth
34 min /
Standing firm in the thick of it.
How and when to set your boundaries
31 min /
What do I tell the kids?
How to explain the situation to your children
35 min /
What is codependency?
How codependency might be affecting your relationships
41 min /
Why do I need a group?
Finding freedom and healing in fellowship
30 min /
Tools of Recovery Part  4: Celibacy
Why taking a break from sex is beneficial for both of you
23 min /
Tools of Recovery Part  3: Safety Plans
Preparing ahead for patches of turbulence
23 min /
Tools of Recovery Part 2: Partner Assessment
Getting in touch with how you really feel
31 min /
Tools of Recovery Part 1: Disclosure
Exactly what is a full disclosure and why is it so necessary.
30 min /
Who do I tell?
Discerning who is safe and qualified to speak into your life is crucial.
26 min /
Will I ever trust him again?
Restoring trust after porn addiction is not easy but it is possible.
24 min /
What does recovery look like?
Discover what recovery entails, and how we really felt going into it.
24 min /
Is it my fault?
Unpacking the science behind why he looks at porn, and why he can't stop.
31 min /
How can I tell if my husband is addicted to porn?
Discover what red flags to look out for inside and outside the bedroom.
26 min /
I've just found out my husband watches porn, now what?
Learn from our mistakes, and discover what helps and what doesn't help.
34 min /
Fight For Love
A podcast by Fight For Love
How to take back your marriage from porn
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