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G Money

G Money

Real Talk on Everything Mortgages & Real Estate

Veteran Mortgage Lender, Greg Abrams, got his nickname "G" Money early in his career and it stuck. Greg brings the sometimes overwhelming and complicated topic, into a conversation where anyone can learn - whether you have never purchased a home or are a seasoned investor. You will enjoy segments featuring industry specific guest speakers and others segments specifically dedicated to educating you on the market and the industry. With so much information out there on mortgages and real estate you can be sure to find "real talk" that you can trust.


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EDUCATION: Real Talk on the NAR Commissions Lawsuit
What's the deal with the lawsuit against the National Association of Realtors?
Episode 15
/ 38 min
LOCAL EXPERT: Rob Leatherwood
Talking Real Estate and Politics
Episode 14
/ 1 hr 36 min
LOCAL EXPERT: Lucy Oliveira, Realtor®
Full Circle. The Rates Conversation. Making a Purchase Plan.
Episode 13
/ 1 hr 6 min
SOLAR ENERGY: Brenda Smith with Sun Run
Hitting the hot topic of residential solar energy
Episode 12
/ 1 hr 31 min
SPECIAL INTEREST: Sarah Abrams & Non-Profit Love VC, Inc.
Greg and wife, Sarah, sit down and chat about their non-profit organization
Episode 11
/ 39 min
LOCAL EXPERT: Jocelyn Vasquez
All Things Mortgage Insurance
Episode 10
/ 1 hr 7 min
LOCAL EXPERT : Meggie Hawthorne
From Corporate America to Local Realtor
Episode 9
/ 1 hr 24 min
LOCAL EXPERT: Matt Kingsley
The Other Side of Real Estate - Commercial Properties
Episode 8
/ 1 hr 5 min
The somewhat mysterious side of real estate - Escrow
Episode 7
/ 1 hr 19 min
EDUCATION: Real Talk  on the new loan level price adjustments
What's all the fuss?!
Episode 6
/ 11 min
EDUCATION: Understanding Credit
The crucial role of credit in personal finances.
Episode 5
/ 1 hr 21 min
LOCAL EXPERT: Hans Hormann & Liana Lucey
From Teacher to Full Time Investment Property Owners
Episode 4
/ 1 hr 22 min
LOCAL EXPERT: Jason Ritchey - Business Banker
Real Talk with Regional President of Mission Bank
Episode 3
/ 1 hr 11 min
LOCAL EXPERT: Insurance Broker Ben Suddock
The Ins and Outs of Property Insurance
Episode 2
/ 1 hr 12 min
LOCAL EXPERT: Realtor® Natalie Oman
Chat with friend and local Realtor®
Episode 1
/ 1 hr
Welcome to "G" Money!!
Intro with Greg Abrams
/ 4 min

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