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Give Yourself a Chance Podcast

Give Yourself a Chance Podcast

From the Desk of Successful Minds

Welcome to Give Yourself a Chance Podcast, where everyday people have the opportunity to learn from the successful. Hosted by Sosi, a real estate finance and coaching advisor, and Minh, a specialist in social media strategies and loan officer coaching, this podcast brings you real stories and wisdom from the minds of the wealthy. Join us for two episodes a month as we dive into the success journeys of our guests and share practical advice for personal and financial growth. With each episode, you'll be encouraged with an affirmation to give yourself a chance and continue on your own path to success.

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Episode 19 - Bold Steps Forward
Episode 19
/ 26 min
The secret life of influencers
Ugly truths they don't want you to know
Episode 10
/ 19 min
The Psychology of Investing
Wall Street hacks for early retirement.
Episode 9
/ 23 min
The 3 testaments of real growth
25 years of lessons in 25 minutes.
Episode 8
/ 25 min
Breaking stereotypes
Story of a Womenpreneur ranking #1
Episode 7
/ 18 min
Breaking into real estate
The real reason behind winning the game.
Episode 6
/ 22 min
The truth about productivity.
1 hack to scale FAST from a 5-business owner.
Episode 5
/ 20 min
Never too Late
Episode 2
/ 17 min
Balls to The Walls
Finding Success in Real Estate: Insights from a Successful Realtor
Episode 1
/ 22 min

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