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Gospel Spice

Gospel Spice

The podcast that spices up your time with God

Life is too short for tasteless food.

Is staleness lurking in the pages of Scripture? Could the Christian faith prove spicier than you’ve experienced?

If you’re a spiritual foodie looking for a flavor explosion in your journey with God, Gospel Spice is your new secret ingredient. The entire Bible is seasoned with exotic Middle Eastern spiritual spices long lost to our twenty-first century Western palate. Join Stephanie Rousselle and her guests, and follow Jesus to discover the original Jewish cultural flavors as He intended!

Every week, Stephanie shares truth from Scripture and invites you to dig deeper in your faith to delight in the glory of God.

Gospel Spice in a nutshell!
Discover the podcast that spices up your time with God!
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Good news! 🤗

The next episode of Gospel Spice, called God's glory, our Christmas delight! will be released on December 7, 2020 at 10:00 AM.
Stay tuned!
Season 3
Faith: trust that has been tested and tried! Welcome to the gospel of Luke.
Season 3, episode 63
48 min /
Season 2
Interview: Cultivating our God-shaped dreams, with Merritt Onsa
Season 2, episode 62
How do you cultivate your God-shaped dream?
38 min /
Are you wondering how to cling to God through your "why" questions?
Season 2, episode 61
Perspective to endure the despair of our whys.
30 min /
Have you ever wondered, "WHY, God?"
Season 2, episode 60
God's "whys" to make us wise
30 min /
Interview: What can our sexuality teach us about God? with Shannon Ethridge
Season 2, episode 59
with Shannon Ethridge, Christian Sexuality Expert
47 min /
Have you ever been puzzled or shocked by a Bible verse?
Season 2, episode 58
Me too! So we’re answering tough questions with two famous Messianic Psalms…
41 min /
Is spiritual fog hindering your visibility?
Season 2, episode 57
Build on the unshakeable foundation.
42 min /
Interview: The struggle is real, but so is God! with Misty Phillip
Season 2, episode 56
with Misty Phillip: tasting the goodness of God happens in the test kitchen of daily life and extraordinary circumstances.
30 min /
How can we live the life God created us for?
Season 2, episode 55
We are all half-baked masterpieces. And that's good news!
33 min /
Come and dance with Jesus through the Psalms!
Season 2, episode 54
From joy to anger, doubt, grief and pain, God is the only One who can take the depth of your heart. Come. He awaits.
33 min /
Interview: "I see you." with Naomi Zacharias, Part 2
Season 2, episode 53
The compassion of the God who sees you.
36 min /
Interview: "I see you." with Naomi Zacharias, Part 1
Season 2, episode 52
with Naomi Zacharias, RZIM : the compassion of the God who sees you.
33 min /
Season 1
Interview: How is God using your voice amidst your overwhelming hardships? with Julie Hamilton
Season 1, episode 51
Embracing the process of perseverance in trust
40 min /
Special Q&A! YOU ask... Stephanie answers! Part 2
Season 1, episode 50
Celebrating the one-year anniversary with YOU!
52 min /
Interview: How do you help others fall in love with God amidst anxiety and stress?
Season 1, episode 49
with Cheyenne Olson: discipling the next generation with passion in our current season
32 min /
Special Q&A! Everything you have always wanted to know about Stephanie and the Podcast!
Season 1, episode 48
Celebrating the one-year anniversary: Stephanie answers YOUR questions today! Part 1
47 min /
Interview: Do you know your purpose? How about your calling?
Season 1, episode 47
with Julie Holmquist: walking in intimacy with God, moment by moment.
31 min /
Taste and See that the Lord is good! Final episode on Matthew!
Season 1, episode 46
Five Challenges from Jesus to embrace the Gospel Spice life!
44 min /
Have you ever wondered if Jesus mentioned you in His parables?
Season 1, episode 45
Are you a bird, a sheep, a pearl, or a treasure? Find out!
24 min /
Interview: How do you know that you are walking with God?
Season 1, episode 44
with Kristi Woods: how to go from good to God
36 min /
Do you belong to the Kingdom of God? Ask Jesus.
Season 1, episode 43
A behind-the-kitchen-scene adventure
30 min /
How does yesterday's rejection bless YOU today?
Season 1, episode 42
Matthew ties loose ends to weave a stunning tapestry of redemption.
31 min /
Interview: God, do You see me? Do You even care?
Season 1, episode 41
with Dr. Michelle Bengtson, neuropsychologist: Hope prevails. It's not just a cute phrase. It's a lifesaver. Literally.
37 min /
Unity stronger than division
Season 1, episode 40
Jairus and the bleeding woman share more than you'd think: twelve years, hope for healing, and two blue tassels!
24 min /
Are you a citizen of heaven?
Season 1, episode 39
what does it take to become citizen in the Kingdom of God?
26 min /
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