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Gospel Spice | Christian faith, God's love & the Bible

Gospel Spice | Christian faith, God's love & the Bible

Taste & See | Faith in Jesus Christ

Gospel Spice is your Jesus Christ-centered podcast, infused with in-depth Bible flavors and sprinkled with a dash of French culture. Are you a spiritual foodie looking for a flavor explosion in your journey with God? Then Gospel Spice is your new secret ingredient. French host and Bible teacher Stephanie Rousselle invites you to taste and see that the Lord is good, and to spice up your relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Could the Christian faith prove spicier than you’ve tasted so far? Is staleness lurking in the pages of Scripture? Come and taste the exotic spiritual spices that season the entire Bible and are long lost to our twenty-first-century palate!

Join Stephanie Rousselle and her guests to taste & see that the Lord is good! The Gospel Spice Podcast is ranked Top 1% All Categories globally*, and is listened to from almost 150 countries.  Guests include Dallas & Amanda Jenkins, Joel Rosenberg, Os Guinness, Jennifer Rothschild, Sheila Walsh, Susie Larson, Jonathan Evans, Ruth Chou Simons, Jim Cymbala, Jo Saxton, Alisa Childers, Curt Thompson, and more. When not with her guests, Stephanie invites you to delight in God by diving deep into Scripture!



We exist to inspire Christ-followers to delight in God. The Gospel Spice Podcast is part of a larger range of tools by Gospel Spice Ministries. We provide resources to empower Christian leaders across generational, social, ethnic and geographical boundaries towards more intimacy with Jesus Christ and discipleship effectiveness through a Biblical Christocentric foundation. The Gospel Spice Ministries provide a safe environment for spiritual and community growth empowering people to know Christ more intimately, serve one another more powerfully, and reach the world for Jesus.

Gospel Spice Ministries is a non-profit organization registered under the tax-exempt 501c3 status. Your donations are tax-deductible under IRS Section 170. We want to be the best possible stewards of your financial support. The majority of donations above our minimal operating costs go to Christian organizations fighting human trafficking.

(*ListenNotes ranking, 2023)

Gospel Spice in a nutshell: taste and see that the Lord is good!
Discover the podcast that spices up your time with God!
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The next episode of Gospel Spice | Christian faith, God's love & the Bible, called Overcoming discouragement | Pathways to God's presence will be released on February 10, 2023 at 10:00 AM.
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Season 10
How do we develop godly habits? | Pathways to God's presence
Confession. Meditation. Evangelism | Pathways to God's presence
Season 10, episode 188
1 hr 2 min /
Will you say YES to God in 2023? | with Jennifer Hand
"My Yes is on the table" by Jennifer Hand
Season 10, episode 187
1 hr /
How do I encounter God today? | Pathways to God's presence
Adoration. Bible Study. Worship. Pathways to God's presence
Season 10, episode 186
51 min /
Meet with God where He said He would be | Pathways to God's presence
Pathways to God's presence | Gospel Spice Winter 2023 series
Season 10, episode 185
51 min /
Holding on to faith when life doesn't make sense | with Naomi Zacharias
Faith in the desert
Season 10, episode 184
1 hr 6 min /
Open Hands, Willing Heart for the New Year | with Vivian Mabuni
Embark into 2023 with surrender
Season 10, episode 183
52 min /
Season 8
Your Jesus-centered Christmas today
High Christology Scripture Readings for Christmas
Season 8, episode 182
25 min /
Loving our military community at Christmas and always: why and how? | with Megan B. Brown
Focus on the military communities this Christmas season
Season 8, episode 181
57 min /
A cup of Christmas tea with Mary Mother of Jesus
Season 8, episode 180
53 min /
Jill Briscoe on Christmas and her husband's legacy
Season 8, episode 179
51 min /
Toss your treasure over the wall | on gratitude
express your worship by investing eternally.
Season 8, episode 178
47 min /
Experiencing God | with Dr. Richard Blackaby
Knowing and doing the will of God for a new generation
Season 8, episode 177
47 min /
A conversation with Lara Silva | Eden | The Chosen
A new Gospel Spice + The Chosen exclusive interview!
Season 8, episode 176
28 min /
From darkness to glory | God's glory, our delight
An invitation to delight in the glory of God today and every day
Season 8, episode 175
48 min /
Prepare for your most Christ-soaked Advent yet | with Ruth Chou Simons
Embrace Advent afresh
Season 8, episode 174
41 min /
Enduring hardship with the perspective of heaven | God's glory, our delight
An invitation to delight in the glory of God today and every day
Season 8, episode 173
38 min /
Taste the delight and see the beauty of knowing Christ | with Tara Leigh Cobble
Taste and see that the Lord is good! | The Bible Recap
Season 8, episode 172
46 min /
Nurture exotic faith towards the perspective of heaven | God's Glory, our delight
God's glory, our delight | Gospel Spice series
Season 8, episode 171
34 min /
The transfiguration will revolutionize your faith | with Steve Laube
God's glory, our delight
Season 8, episode 170
52 min /
Fan the flame | with Pastor Jim Cymbala
Invite the Holy Spirit to ignite your faith anew
Season 8, episode 0
36 min /
Dare to dream as a leader again | with Jo Saxton
Desperation for God is grounds for hope.
Season 8, episode 169
47 min /
Practical steps to delight in God | God's glory, our delight
An invitation to delight in the glory of God today and every day
Season 8, episode 168
42 min /
"Live your truth" and other lies | with apologist Alisa Childers
Special anniversary episode
Season 8, episode 167
44 min /
Faith in word and deed | God's glory, our delight
An invitation to delight in the glory of God today and every day
Season 8, episode 166
44 min /
Season 9
Take back your joy | with Nicole Jacobsmeyer
Summer Inspirations | Gospel Spice and David C Cook with Esther Press
Season 9, episode 165
54 min /

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