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Gospel Spice | Christian faith, God's love & the Bible

Gospel Spice | Christian faith, God's love & the Bible

Taste & See | Faith in Jesus Christ

Gospel Spice is your Jesus Christ-centered podcast, infused with in-depth Bible flavors and sprinkled with a dash of French culture. Are you a spiritual foodie looking for a flavor explosion in your journey with God? Then Gospel Spice is your new secret ingredient. French host and Bible teacher Stephanie Rousselle invites you to taste and see that the Lord is good, and to spice up your relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Could the Christian faith prove spicier than you’ve tasted so far? Is staleness lurking in the pages of Scripture? Come and taste the exotic spiritual spices that season the entire Bible and are long lost to our twenty-first-century palate!

Join Stephanie Rousselle and her guests to taste & see that the Lord is good! The Gospel Spice Podcast is ranked Top 1% All Categories globally*, and is listened to from almost 150 countries.  Guests include Dallas & Amanda Jenkins, Joel Rosenberg, Os Guinness, Jennifer Rothschild, Sheila Walsh, Susie Larson, Jonathan Evans, Ruth Chou Simons, Jim Cymbala, Jo Saxton, Alisa Childers, Curt Thompson, and more. When not with her guests, Stephanie invites you to delight in God by diving deep into Scripture!



We exist to inspire Christ-followers to delight in God. The Gospel Spice Podcast is part of a larger range of tools by Gospel Spice Ministries. We provide resources to empower Christian leaders across generational, social, ethnic and geographical boundaries towards more intimacy with Jesus Christ and discipleship effectiveness through a Biblical Christocentric foundation. The Gospel Spice Ministries provide a safe environment for spiritual and community growth empowering people to know Christ more intimately, serve one another more powerfully, and reach the world for Jesus.

Gospel Spice Ministries is a non-profit organization registered under the tax-exempt 501c3 status. Your donations are tax-deductible under IRS Section 170. We want to be the best possible stewards of your financial support. The majority of donations above our minimal operating costs go to Christian organizations fighting human trafficking.

(*ListenNotes ranking, 2023)

Gospel Spice in a nutshell: taste and see that the Lord is good!
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The next episode of Gospel Spice | Christian faith, God's love & the Bible, called How do we develop godly habits? | Pathways to God's presence will be released on February 3, 2023 at 10:00 AM.
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Season 9
A personal conversation with Stephanie and Roslyn | Summer Inspirations
Summer Inspirations | Gospel Spice
Season 9, episode 162
1 hr 1 min /
Identify & battle anxiety, depression and relational concerns | Christ-centered soul wellness
Gospel Spice Summer Inspirations
Season 9, episode 161
50 min /
Cultivate 3 secrets to a successful summer | with Shadia Hrichi, Shannon Popkin & Marci Seither
Summer Inspirations | Gospel Spice
Season 9, episode 160
1 hr 15 min /
What does it mean to lead well? | Summer Inspirations with Stephanie
Hone your leadership skills.
Season 9, episode 159
46 min /
Fresh spices as food for thought | Summer Inspirations with Dr. Michelle Lee Barnewall
Culture, Parables, Egalitarians and Complementarians
Season 9, episode 158
45 min /
How would you define success? | Summer Inspirations with Stephanie
Success is delighting in God!
Season 9, episode 157
30 min /
The toxic trap of comparison | Summer Inspirations with Heather Creekmore
Dive into a comparison-free summer!
Season 9, episode 156
51 min /
Season 8
Our glory is rooted in God's delight of us!
Defining appropriate glory for the human heart.
Season 8, episode 155
46 min /
Christ dwells and delights in you. Yes, YOU! | with James Bryan Smith
The good and beautiful YOU | by James Bryan Smith
Season 8, episode 154
44 min /
Develop Christlike humility. | God's Glory, Our Delight
Genuine, relentless humility is a life-long commitment.
Season 8, episode 153
51 min /
Invest in the Kingdom NOW | with Jonathan Evans
Pentecost + Father's Day Special
Season 8, episode 152
44 min /
Why does humility matter? | God's Glory, Our Delight
Jesus' humility as the roadmap to glory.
Season 8, episode 151
34 min /
Why is delight in God essential? | God's Glory, Our Delight
what does it mean to delight in God?
Season 8, episode 150
29 min /
Overcoming shame with beauty | with Curt Thompson, MD
Practicing for heaven | our calling today
Season 8, episode 149
52 min /
What is the glory of God? | God's Glory, Our Delight
The greatest quest of life.
Season 8, episode 148
41 min /
Digital detox for kids | with Molly DeFrank
True freedom from digital addictions for kids and parents
Season 8, episode 147
40 min /
Where can I experience God's glory? | with John Lambert
The Face of Christ Jesus
Season 8, episode 146
39 min /
God is moving in France! | with David Broussard
Impact France
Season 8, episode 145
45 min /
How to live a life worthy of life | Os Guinness | Easter 2022
The Great Quest: an invitation to the examined life
Season 8, episode 144
50 min /
Season 7
Be inspired with real-life heroes of faith | with Jasmine Holmes
God's image carved in ebony | 10 Black women to inspire us all
Season 7, episode 143
35 min /
Can I really make a difference? | Shades of Red
Humanity | Loved. Created. Fallen. Redeemed. An original GospelSpice series
Season 7, episode 142
27 min /
How can I respectfully step into the racial dialogue? | Shades of Red
An invitation to step into the difficult conversations with humility and boldness
Season 7, episode 141
49 min /
Standing up to oppression | Informed. Interceding. Involved. Influencing
the four I's of the fight against oppression in our generation
Season 7, episode 140
15 min /
Repairing racial brokenness | A fresh vision for deep healing with Duke Kwon and Gregory Thompson
REPARATIONS | Shades of Red
Season 7, episode 139
46 min /
What does the Bible teach about slavery? | Paul's letter to Philemon
Humanity | Loved. Created. Fallen. Redeemed.
Season 7, episode 138
32 min /

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