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Bible Series | Centering on Christ: the Tabernacle

Experience God in new, fresh, spicy ways through our most in-depth series to date.

This season, we beckon you to experience Jesus where heaven meets earth.

Have you ever wondered if your relationship with God might deepen, if only you understood how Jesus is portrayed in the Old Testament? Could God be inviting you deeper into intimacy with Him through Moses’ Tabernacle? Have you experienced God in the Holy of Holies?

Stephanie invites you to experience the Tabernacle like never before, and to fall in love with Jesus at a deeper level by tasting and seeing that He is good.

God instructed mankind to build the Tabernacle as His dwelling place among them. As we will study the temporal structure and eternal purpose of the Tabernacle through this in-depth 7-episode Bible study, you will be drawn into deeper, more intimate worship of Christ. You will discover the symbolism and ultimate fulfillment of the Tabernacle in Christ, and in you as His dwelling place. You will experience God’s timeline of grace, from Eden past to Heaven future.

Come with a heart thirsty for more of Christ and experience Him in fresh new ways!

You will leave this series with a deep understanding of the symbolism of the Tabernacle and its fulfillment in Christ, and a renewed awe and passion for God.

Our series, titled “Centering on Christ: the Tabernacle”, unveils God’s presence with mankind. God invites you to dwell with Him. How will you RSVP?

Through the Tabernacle, taste and see that the Lord is good! This might be the most in-depth series yet to release on the Gospel Spice podcast. Yet, its mix of storytelling and insightful illustrations makes it easy-to-understand, approachable, and relatable. As with everything Gospel Spice, it is completely Christ-soaked.

If you want to dig deeper, we offer a FREE resource: a 50+ page guidebook available only for those who register for free at gospelspice.com/tabernacle. It will guide you through the podcast series by providing daily readings and activities around your personal time with God this season. Get yours today!

How can we enter the Holy of Holies?
Centering on Christ: The Tabernacle
49 min /
Holy Hush.
Centering on Christ: The Tabernacle
52 min /
What are YOU asking about the wilderness experience?
Centering on Christ: The Tabernacle
56 min /
Are you worthy to enter?
Centering on Christ: The Tabernacle
52 min /
What is the perspective of heaven?
Centering on Christ: The Tabernacle
47 min /
How did we get here? | A wilderness experience
Centering on Christ: The Tabernacle
1 hr 2 min /
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