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GUEST INTERVIEWS | Taste & See that the Lord is good

Stephanie invites you to discover the amazing journeys of our guests

Wondering what you can learn from regular people with mesmerizing God-stories? Join Stephanie and binge on your favorite interviews from the podcast! Most-listened-to episodes include

Amanda & Dallas Jenkins (creators of THE CHOSEN global TV phenomenon), May 2021



Danielle & Matt Forte (former NFL runningback for the Chicago Bears), June 2021

as well as Os Guinness, Sheila Walsh, Susie Larson, Jill Briscoe, Jennifer Rothschild, Naomi Zacharias, Margaret Feinberg, Pastor Ron Moore, Erica Wiggenhorn, and more!

Experiencing God | with Dr. Richard Blackaby
Knowing and doing the will of God for a new generation
47 min /
A conversation with Lara Silva | Eden | The Chosen
A new Gospel Spice + The Chosen exclusive interview!
28 min /
Taste the delight and see the beauty of knowing Christ | with Tara Leigh Cobble
Taste and see that the Lord is good! | The Bible Recap
46 min /
The transfiguration will revolutionize your faith | with Steve Laube
God's glory, our delight
52 min /
Fan the flame | with Pastor Jim Cymbala
Invite the Holy Spirit to ignite your faith anew
36 min /
Dare to dream as a leader again | with Jo Saxton
Desperation for God is grounds for hope.
47 min /
"Live your truth" and other lies | with apologist Alisa Childers
Special anniversary episode
44 min /
Navigating the dating game | with Ainsley Britain
Don't date a booboo dude | Summer Inspirations with publisher David C Cook
44 min /
Fresh spices as food for thought | Summer Inspirations with Dr. Michelle Lee Barnewall
Culture, Parables, Egalitarians and Complementarians
45 min /
The toxic trap of comparison | Summer Inspirations with Heather Creekmore
Dive into a comparison-free summer!
51 min /
Christ dwells and delights in you. Yes, YOU! | with James Bryan Smith
The good and beautiful YOU | by James Bryan Smith
44 min /
Invest in the Kingdom NOW | with Jonathan Evans
Pentecost + Father's Day Special
44 min /
Overcoming shame with beauty | with Curt Thompson, MD
Practicing for heaven | our calling today
52 min /
Digital detox for kids | with Molly DeFrank
True freedom from digital addictions for kids and parents
40 min /
God is moving in France! | with David Broussard
Impact France
45 min /
How to live a life worthy of life | Os Guinness | Easter 2022
The Great Quest: an invitation to the examined life
50 min /
Be inspired with real-life heroes of faith | with Jasmine Holmes
God's image carved in ebony | 10 Black women to inspire us all
35 min /
How can I respectfully step into the racial dialogue? | Shades of Red
An invitation to step into the difficult conversations with humility and boldness
49 min /
What affects one affects all | with poet and Pastor Drew Jackson | Shades of Red
God speaks through wombs | Poems on God's unexpected coming
49 min /

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