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Guest Interviews: Taste & See that the Lord is good...

Stephanie invites you to discover the amazing journeys of our guests!

Wondering what you can learn from amazing people who have amazing God-stories? Join Stephanie and binge on your favorite Interviews from the podcast! Most-listened-to episodes include

Amanda & Dallas Jenkins (creators of THE CHOSEN global TV phenomenon), May 2021

Danielle & Matt Forte (former NFL runningback for the Chicago Bears), June 2021

as well as Liz Curtis Higgs, Jill Briscoe, Jennifer Rothschild, Naomi Zacharias, Margaret Feinberg, Pastor Ron Moore, Erica Wiggenhorn, and more!

Danielle and Matt Forté: from pro football to Christ
A Christ-centered life: parenting, marriage and ministry the Forté way
39 min /
Amanda & Dallas Jenkins | The Chosen: taste & see the spice of the gospel!
Experience The Chosen today on the Gospel Spice Podcast
53 min /
Overcoming worry with faith: Jill Briscoe’s life lessons
With Jill Briscoe: practical tips from a lifelong worrier who overcomes daily!
32 min /
The scandal and glory of pure worship - Easter 2021 with Liz Curtis Higgs
Mary of Bethany role-models authentic worship.
35 min /
Do you know the power of what's in your hands? -- with Geof Morin, CEO, Biblica
A Palm Sunday experience for the Covid-stricken
38 min /
Can we learn to rethink comparison?
What if there was a healthy alternative to the trap of comparison?
44 min /
Prayerwalking, the secret to change--in you and others! With Janet McHenry
Expect life changes through prayer!
35 min /
What do you do when life sends its worst? with Carol Kent
Relationships. Marriage. Identity. Choices. It's all in "Staying Power," Carol Kent's latest book.
48 min /
Jesus in Athens: God is on the move. Will you join Him? Interview with Darren Carlson
Breathtaking stories of faith, hope and redemption.
34 min /
More power to you! with Margaret Feinberg
2021: Embrace Daily Declarations to Break Cycles of Negativity
49 min /
Grow from 2020 to embrace 2021, with Connie Albers
What are your dreams for 2021?
34 min /
Afraid of the Light - with Cynthia Ruchti
how do we let Christ be our light?
47 min /
Cultivating our God-shaped dreams, with Merritt Onsa
How do you cultivate your God-shaped dream?
38 min /
What can our sexuality teach us about God? with Shannon Ethridge
with Shannon Ethridge, Christian Sexuality Expert
47 min /
The struggle is real, but so is God! with Misty Phillip
with Misty Phillip: tasting the goodness of God happens in the test kitchen of daily life and extraordinary circumstances.
30 min /
"I see you." with Naomi Zacharias, Part 2
The compassion of the God who sees you.
36 min /
"I see you." with Naomi Zacharias, Part 1
with Naomi Zacharias: the compassion of the God who sees you.
33 min /
How is God using your voice amidst your overwhelming hardships? with Julie Hamilton
Embracing the process of perseverance in trust
40 min /
Interview: How do you help others fall in love with God amidst anxiety and stress?
with Cheyenne Olson: discipling the next generation with passion in our current season
32 min /
Interview: Do you know your purpose? How about your calling?
with Julie Holmquist: walking in intimacy with God, moment by moment.
31 min /
Interview: How do you know that you are walking with God?
with Kristi Woods: how to go from good to God
36 min /
Interview: God, do You see me? Do You even care?
with Dr. Michelle Bengtson, neuropsychologist: Hope prevails. It's not just a cute phrase. It's a lifesaver. Literally.
37 min /
Interview: How do you protect your child against trafficking?
with Amanda Florczykowski: parenting in today's world from fear to faith
42 min /
Interview: What do you do when life doesn't go your way?
with professional interior designer and author Tracy Steel: make Jesus your focal point!
37 min /
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