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Jesus Rabbi and Lord | Experience Him through the eyes of the first Christians

Journeying with Matthew into the first century Jewish culture

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit alongside Jesus and his initial audience? To experience the fresh spiritual flavors that the Messianic Jewish culture weaves into the four gospels? Well, that's exactly what we here aim to do through this original series, JESUS RABBI AND LORD. Stephanie invites you to dig deep into Scripture, unearthing raw diamonds that may need a little cleaning up, but will ultimately shine brightly.

So get ready to embark on this enlightening and transformative journey with Gospel Spice. Prepare to encounter Jesus in a way that resonates with our modern world and discover the richness of the gospel through the lens of Jewish culture. Let's dig deep, uncover the hidden spices, and experience the beauty of the Scriptures together. Welcome to Gospel Spice!

Grab your headphones, hit play, and let Gospel Spice be the catalyst for encountering Jesus in a way you've never experienced before!

Uncovering the spicy family tree of Jesus Christ
Exploring Jesus' ancestry | Understanding the poetic harmony of Jesus' genealogy
/ 33 min
Scriptural Fusion Cuisine | Unveiling Gourmet Prophecy Bite by Bite
Rediscovering the flavors and nuances of Jesus’ teachings
/ 24 min
Revealing Jesus in the context of His very own culture
Rediscovering the flavors and nuances of Jesus’ teachings
/ 33 min
Embracing Jesus: how do I learn to trust Him even when His way doesn’t seem best?
How a messianic miracle reveals Jesus as Son of God and Son of Man
/ 44 min
Jesus: Messiah and anointed One | Understanding His authority and purpose
Jesus: Exploring Matthew's Gospel to understand His divine authority
/ 31 min
Trusting God's heart over our own | Discovering true freedom in the Gospel
The power of faith: Stepping boldly into God's trustworthy hands
/ 32 min
Reviving our faith in a stagnant spiritual life
Adding flavor to our walk with God through culture and Scripture
/ 28 min
Encounter Jesus in a culturally relevant way | Jesus Rabbi & Lord
Experiencing the fresh spiritual flavors of the Messianic Jewish culture
/ 26 min

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