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New Year | Seasonal Series

Start the new year with Gospel Spice

We're not big fans of new year resolutions around here at Gospel Spice, but we love to start the year with God (and stay on that good trend). So, enjoy our First of the Year episodes... their timeless quality will inspire you, no matter the year you are starting now!

Rethinking the standard of being "good enough"
Understanding the Deceptive Nature of Independence and Its Spiritual Consequences
/ 25 min
The power of water for new life in Christ
the ongoing pursuit of the Christian life
/ 26 min
Igniting Kingdom life | Donning the divine colors of baptism
Baptism: A Beautiful Expression of Faith, Cleansing, and Identification with Jesus
/ 30 min
Epiphany: Embracing Christ's glory and manifestation
Exploring the Christological season of Epiphany
/ 50 min
Get past your past | with Jason VanRuler
how connectedness, curiosity and vulnerability might be the key to the fullness of your future in Christ.
/ 39 min
Will you say YES to God in 2023? | with Jennifer Hand
"My Yes is on the table" by Jennifer Hand
/ 1 hr
Holding on to faith when life doesn't make sense | with Naomi Zacharias
Faith in the desert
/ 1 hr 6 min
Open Hands, Willing Heart for the New Year | with Vivian Mabuni
Embark into 2023 with surrender
/ 52 min
Toss your treasure over the wall | on gratitude
express your worship by investing eternally.
/ 47 min
Dream for 2022 today | with Whitney Reynolds
Embrace the hope that weaves your story
/ 48 min
More power to you! | with Margaret Feinberg
2021: Embrace Daily Declarations to Break Cycles of Negativity
/ 49 min
Interview: Here's to a joyful and efficient 2020!
With Karol Ladd: How do you keep a positive focus for 2020? Simple and practical tips for you today!
/ 37 min

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