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Palm Sunday and Easter flavored with the spice of the gospel

Listen to all the Easter-themed episodes on the show!

The scandal and glory of pure worship | Easter 2021 with Liz Curtis Higgs
Mary of Bethany role-models authentic worship.
35 min /
Do you know the power of what's in your hands? | with Geof Morin, CEO, Biblica
A Palm Sunday experience for the Covid-stricken
38 min /
How do we know that the resurrection actually happened?
A faith grounded in reasons and in miracles: Ten reasons
35 min /
From the cross to your heart | 7 statements to change your life
Jesus' words on the cross reveal the depth of His love for you today.
32 min /
Interview: For such a time as this: Easter amidst Covid-19
With Erica Wiggenhorn: how do we face our current circumstances with hope and confidence?
35 min /
Easter: a faith grounded in reason and in miracles.
Experience Jesus' death and resurrection alongside the first believers!
55 min /
Experience Jesus in the Upper Room
The Passover Bread: broken, bruised, hidden, and revealed!
35 min /
Tested, tried, and true.
From worship to hatred, that's Monday to Wednesday before Easter!
33 min /
Testing our mettle
Cleansing, owning, protecting, defending. What Jesus does for those who trust Him!
26 min /
Palm Sunday, part 2: Behold our Groom!
The wait is over. The wedding day is here. Come and join the marriage feast of the Lamb!
20 min /
Palm Sunday: A wedding in the making!
Jesus is the Groom who came to fetch His Bride... on a donkey.
27 min /
Gospel Spice
A podcast by Stéphanie Rousselle
The podcast that spices up your time with God

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