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Spices from the gospel of Luke

Who would have thought that our dear Doctor Luke added such depth of spice and flavor to our lives?

This short Season Three, with 8 episodes, takes us to the heartwarming spices from the gospel of Luke. We focus on the flavors that Matthew didn't include in his recipe.

How do we know that the resurrection actually happened?
A faith grounded in reasons and in miracles: Ten reasons
35 min /
From the cross to your heart: seven statements to change your life
Jesus' words on the cross reveal the depth of His love for you today.
32 min /
Can we disappoint God?
Jesus opens the heart of the Father to us.
29 min /
What do your enemies say about you?
Unity within disunity
30 min /
Finding inspiration in the mundane
Life in the middle, between valleys and mountaintops
29 min /
2021: Fully known and perfectly loved
what will you choose to do this year?
45 min /
God's glory, our Christmas delight!
Taste the full Christmas spice rack from Luke's chronicles
33 min /
Gospel Spice
A podcast by Stéphanie Rousselle
The podcast that spices up your time with God

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