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Taste the spices from the Gospel of Matthew

Stephanie brings you the depth of first-century Jewish culture!

Wanna binge on the gospel of Matthew from the Jewish perspective, with a touch of French flair? Stephanie brings out the flavors of the first-century Jewish culture to come alongside you as you taste the full scope of the original spices that flavored the gospel of Matthew!

Tip: start from the oldest episodes and work your way back up to the final, more recent ones!)

Jesus in the Old Testament: breathtaking glimpses from mountain peaks
From Jesus' genealogy to the mountain peaks of Old Testament prophecies, Matthew unveils Jesus for you and me today!
23 min /
Matthew who?!?
Welcome our first guest on this podcast--the spicy author to the eponymous gospel!
34 min /
Jesus, Son of God and Son of Man
Part 2 of 2 in the mini-series on the Messianic Miracles!
41 min /
Who does Jesus say He is?
Messianic miracles reveal His identity much more clearly than our Western culture can understand!
29 min /
The spice of the gospel
Why is God's glory the answer to our heart's restlessness?
27 min /
Why does lack of cultural awareness distort our Christian experience, and how can we remediate?
From Europe to America, and Africa to Asia; from the earliest of Biblical times to today... how can we learn from, and teach, our fellow human beings in the faith?
23 min /
Why Gospel Spice? Why does it matter to you, today?
In this first episode of Season 1, Stephanie sets the parameters of our quest.
21 min /
Welcome to Gospel Spice Season 1!
Taste the gospel of Matthew the way Jesus intended!
6 min /
Gospel Spice in a nutshell!
Discover the podcast that spices up your time with God!
6 min /
Gospel Spice
A podcast by Stéphanie Rousselle
The podcast that spices up your time with God

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