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The Gospel of Matthew | Bible Series

Stephanie brings you the spiritual flavors of first-century Jewish culture in this in-depth Christocentric season!

Wanna binge on the gospel of Matthew from the Jewish perspective, with a touch of French flair? Stephanie brings out the flavors of the first-century Jewish culture to come alongside you as you taste the full scope of the original spices that flavored the gospel of Matthew!

Tip: start from the oldest episodes and work your way back up to the final, more recent ones!)

Taste and See that the Lord is good! Final episode on Matthew!
Five Challenges from Jesus to embrace the Gospel Spice life!
44 min /
Have you ever wondered if Jesus mentioned you in His parables?
Are you a bird, a sheep, a pearl, or a treasure? Find out!
24 min /
Do you belong to the Kingdom of God? Ask Jesus.
A behind-the-kitchen-scene adventure
30 min /
How does yesterday's rejection bless YOU today?
Matthew ties loose ends to weave a stunning tapestry of redemption.
31 min /
Unity stronger than division
Jairus and the bleeding woman share more than you'd think: twelve years, hope for healing, and two blue tassels!
24 min /
Are you a citizen of heaven?
what does it take to become citizen in the Kingdom of God?
26 min /
Fresh flavors for daily living
Practical advice for everyday life, straight from the Sermon on the Mount kitchen.
26 min /
Grace: the taste of freedom
Jesus flavors our life with true blessedness.
31 min /
You too are welcome on the Mountain. How will you RSVP?
How do YOU experience the revelation of the radiance of Jesus at the transfiguration?
21 min /
A mountaintop experience
Jesus is inviting you deeper. What will you do?
23 min /
Easter: a faith grounded in reason and in miracles.
Experience Jesus' death and resurrection alongside the first believers!
55 min /
Experience Jesus in the Upper Room
The Passover Bread: broken, bruised, hidden, and revealed!
35 min /
Tested, tried, and true.
From worship to hatred, that's Monday to Wednesday before Easter!
33 min /
Testing our mettle
Cleansing, owning, protecting, defending. What Jesus does for those who trust Him!
26 min /
Palm Sunday, part 2: Behold our Groom!
The wait is over. The wedding day is here. Come and join the marriage feast of the Lamb!
20 min /
Palm Sunday: A wedding in the making!
Jesus is the Groom who came to fetch His Bride... on a donkey.
27 min /
Forged in fire
Why is Jesus' temptation really, really good news for you and me today?
29 min /
How good is good enough?
How does God decide whether we are good enough to go to heaven? Hum. Find out in this episode!
22 min /
Jesus, Jonah, and the Jews
Baptism. Water. Judgment. Drowning. New Life Resurrection. Eternal Glory.
24 min /
Proudly wear your team colors!
Baptism is an identification with a person, a cause, and a message. What about Jesus' baptism?
27 min /
A Christmas calling
Mary didn't choose her calling. She chose her response to it. How will you respond to YOUR Christmas calling?
47 min /
Three Kings bearing gifts... this is Gospel Spice Christmas!
Wise men sought the King, and found their Lord. Let's be wise, too.
26 min /
Nutmeg family spice: welcome to Gospel Spice Christmas!
From shame to glory: the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1
30 min /
Jesus in the Old Testament: breathtaking glimpses from mountain peaks
From Jesus' genealogy to the mountain peaks of Old Testament prophecies, Matthew unveils Jesus for you and me today!
23 min /
Matthew who?!?
Welcome our first guest on this podcast--the spicy author to the eponymous gospel!
34 min /

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