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The Psalms: a Bible Series Experience

Stephanie beckons you on an adventure through the Psalms

Worship, experience, discover, embrace, ponder... all of this awaits you in the Psalms. Come and dance to the music of Jesus' hymnbook!

Are you wondering how to cling to God through your "why" questions?
Perspective to endure the despair of our whys.
30 min /
Have you ever wondered, "WHY, God?"
God's "whys" to make us wise
30 min /
Have you ever been puzzled or shocked by a Bible verse?
Me too! So we’re answering tough questions with two famous Messianic Psalms…
41 min /
Is spiritual fog hindering your visibility?
Build on the unshakeable foundation.
42 min /
How can we live the life God created us for?
We are all half-baked masterpieces. And that's good news!
33 min /
Come and dance with Jesus through the Psalms!
From joy to anger, doubt, grief and pain, God is the only One who can take the depth of your heart. Come. He awaits.
33 min /
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The podcast that spices up your time with God

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