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Health Care SOS: Sharing on  Sustainability

Health Care SOS: Sharing on Sustainability

Health Care SOS is a podcast created by the Mass General Center for the Environment and Health, devoted to addressing health care sustainability.

Health Care SOS: Sharing on Sustainability is a podcast created by the Mass General Center for the Environment and Health. 

The US healthcare system contributes substantially to the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. The goal of this podcast series is to share how Mass General Hospital is integrating environmental sustainability into the clinical, research, and educational activities. We hope that this will help other health care institutions do the same.

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Season 1
Creating a Sustainability Team
Season 1, episode 1
/ 34 min
Performing a Waste Audit
Season 1, episode 2
/ 34 min
Publishing Climate Change and Health Research, and Greening Research Labs
Season 1, episode 3
/ 28 min
Nurses and Other Health Professionals
Climate change education and mentorship
Season 1, episode 4
/ 29 min
Preparing for Climate Change and Disasters
What Health Care Systems Need to Do Differently
Season 1, episode 5
/ 29 min
Anesthesia and the Environment
Mitigation Steps with Real Impact
Season 1, episode 6
/ 36 min
A Call to Action
Addressing the health impacts of climate in at-risk communities
Season 1, episode 7
/ 24 min
Season 2
Calling all trainees!
Integrating climate curricula and getting involved during residency
Season 2, episode 1
/ 34 min
Perioperative Sustainability
Operating room waste reduction initiatives at Mass General Hospital
Season 2, episode 2
/ 29 min
Working with College Students in Healthcare Sustainability
Season 2, episode 3
/ 37 min
Opportunities in Radiology
Season 2, episode 4
/ 36 min
Hospital carbon footprint
Conducting an emission inventory
Season 2, episode 5
/ 37 min
A Recipe for Climate Advocacy in the Health Care System
Season 2, episode 6
/ 31 min
From Scrub Caps to Sustainability
A Surgical Resident's Reflections
Season 2, episode 7
/ 39 min

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