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History Uncensored Podcast

History Uncensored Podcast

This podcast ravages history from the depths of the under studied and under written. I use academic journals, books by authoritative experts in their to discuss the importance of history.

Unraveling History one story at a time, usually suffering death and melancholy.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a slave in ancient Rome? Perhaps to cross the fields and forests of prehistory on a march toward civilization. History studies death, oppression, slavery, monarchy, and all things terrible. We have a visceral reaction to history and understanding its place in our modern society. Will history lead us astray or are there more important lessons to be learned and gleaned from it's decrepit pages.

A withered page of papyrus and the fleeting thought of a founding father with quill to paper I make history exciting as I explore everything that society does not want you to know about western and eastern cultures.

Prepare for a comical ride down memory lane as I discuss why Ronald Reagan was absolutely a terrible president. Not your taste, that's fine walk with me down the avenues of Byzantium during Justinian's plague as Theodora rushes to become the most powerful woman in the world.

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Exposing Rome
Discussing the history of exposing infants in Ancient Rome
1 hr 4 min /
Back Again this Time With Gifts
I talk History, I talk about me, I also talk about women and how it really sucked to be them in the past. Also a giveaway?
7 min /
Head holes, Flesh Eating and Malaria!
51 min /
Theodora Episode 3 Buboes and Power
1 hr /
Thedoroa Ep. 2 Castrating Bishops
45 min /
History's Dirty Short Miasma Theory
51 min /
Theodora, Sex is just and Act
1 hr 10 min /
Spartacus Scourge of Rome
2 hr 7 min /
Gladiators Part 2: Let the Games Begin
59 min /
Are you Not Entertained: Roman Slavery GLADIATORS
1 hr 14 min /
Roman Slavery Part 1
1 hr 1 min /
Introducing Roman Slavery
24 min /
Remembering Reagan: Histories Idiots Part 3
2 hr 24 min /
Histories Idiots Christopher Columbus
59 min /
History Uncensored: Civilized Slavery?
51 min /
Women Of History Episode-1 Hypatia
42 min /

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