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Hold Tight

Hold Tight Podcast

Nico and Tam from Hold Tight bring you stories from the people at Station F, the world's largest startup campus ever built.



Hold Tight podcast explores the untold stories behind some exciting projects developing at Station F, the world's largest startup campus in downtown Paris. 

In each episode Tam and Nico get to dig deep into the background of some of the most promising people and ventures growing out of this unique environment. 

Our goal with Hold Tight is not only to share inspiring stories and lessons from people thriving to make a global impact, but also to document the evolution of a brand new startup ecosystem through the perspective of its residents. 

We hope that by showing a new face of Paris as a growing innovation hub our podcast attracts more people and ideas to the City of Lights and inspires them to give a new meaning to their entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Season 2
#SwitchingGears : from stealing cars and ending up in jail to securing cars and ending up at Station F - Tally Fofana, DigiTall Paris (Founder)
Season 2, episode 2
It is a pretty long way to the top, especially when you have to start from the bottom again.
27 min /
Season 1
The global citizen’s French connection - Shankar Arul, Jetpack Data
Season 1, episode 8
In this episode we learn about Data Visualization and how it is quickly becoming the new oil.
21 min /
Bitcoin 101: the trust factor - Jonathan Chester, Bitwage
Season 1, episode 18
In this episode Jonathan speaks about his hopes and scepticism around cryptocurrencies and the blockchain and lets us in on his predictions for 2018.
51 min /
Season 2
Scaling on Word of Mouth - Paul Le, La Belle Vie (CEO and Founder)
Season 2, episode 3
If you are not prepared to suffer, just give up !
25 min /
Season 1
Beyond ego and money - HJ Barraza, Collective Academy
Season 1, episode 1
Collective Academy offers a Masters degree in Business & Technology to everyone from Guerrilla fighters in Colombia, to refugees in Mexico City.
40 min /
From Silicon to Social Valley - Tom Wilscam, Venture Académie
Season 1, episode 20
This one is for you if you want to learn about the value of working in a company that provides social impact
33 min /
The social innovators radar - Jean-Marc Guesne, Ashoka France
Season 1, episode 21
Find out what it takes to make big changes in society
51 min /
From refugee to journalist - Rania Mustafa Ali, Escape from Syria
Season 1, episode 17
Rania Mustafa Ali, 20, filmed her journey from the ruins of Kobane in Syria to Austria
14 min /
The migrants led innovation wave - Sarah McRae, Place
Season 1, episode 16
How will migrant led innovation change the startup landscape in France?
22 min /
A meaning of life beyond the startup - Martin Besson, Sans_A
Season 1, episode 1
Sans A_ is an Independent social impact media startup
14 min /
A mission to define : between purpose and serendipity - Borna Scognamiglio, Pixis
Season 1, episode 10
Pixis helps you find your way, guiding you to the trades of tomorrow.
37 min /
The global coding school for the underprivileged - Fred Bardeau, Simplon.co
Season 1, episode 3
Simplon.co offers web-programming courses for people underrepresented in the digital field, notably women and individuals from underprivileged families.
29 min /
A limited internet access does not have to mean a limited access to education - Shivi Chandra, Learning Equality (Global Curriculum Specialist)
Season 1, episode 23
We caught up with Shivi during the Global TechFugees Summit at Station F in the fall of 2017 for her first ever podcast experience ! Shivi shares the takeaways of a personal journey that took her from Washington DC and the Public Policy...
26 min /
Wisdom of the pig - SĂ©verine Roy & Lou Gilquin, Scarlett MBEM (Severine Roy & Lou Gilquin)
Season 1, episode 23
This episode is not only for those who think animals can play a great role in our lives, but also for anyone interested in the topics of coaching, mindfulness, HR, relationships and collaboration in a professional environment and heaps more ! ...
36 min /
The food we waste everyday - Dorothée BessiÚre & Isaure Tsassis, SaveEat
Season 1, episode 22
What if we took advantage of all what we have in our kitchens before it is expired instead of throwing it out ?
25 min /
When going bananas is your best option - Shirley Billot, Kadalys
Season 1, episode 24
Discover how former cosmetics distributor Shirley Billot decided to start her own cosmetics business from Martinique in the French West Indies, by leveraging the unique properties of the local banana crops.
38 min /
Where happiness defines success - Victoria Arfi, OurCompany
Season 1, episode 5
OurCompany is an application which focuses on well-being at work.
18 min /
Where Amazon and VentePrivée could not go - Ingrid Chaines, Shopßles
Season 1, episode 8
ShopĂźles is a startup addressing the market of shoppers in the French overseas territories
18 min /
A dose of good vibes makes a difference - Carole Danacher, AllVibes
Season 1, episode 11
hen searching for a hotel, a place to eat or a city to visit, Carole Danancher was frustrated with the long written reviews, which often were anonymous, outdated and most of the time fake.
24 min /
Balancing work, life, video gaming and multiple timezone projects - Romain Piegay, Advenworks
Season 1, episode 2
Advenworks is a network of talented videogame crafters creating and publishing high-quality, addictive games.
21 min /
From the Arts school to leading one of the world’s top AI startups - Jasmine Anteunis, Recast.AI
Season 1, episode 0
Recasr.ai is one of France hottest AI startups!
24 min /
The winemaker’s best ally - Luv Valecha & Hugo Grardel, TrueSpirit
Season 1, episode 19
Never give up
25 min /
Truths from the field - Jules Boiteux & Christophe Sow, Captila
Season 1, episode 12
Captila, an early stage startup lets us in on their biggest lessons yet!
29 min /
An ad network on wheels - Gonzague Hacher, Carrosse Royal
Season 1, episode 4
Carrosse Royal is the French start-up placing ads on cars and tracking every view.
24 min /
The Indo-French experience- Ketan Sanghvi, InTripper
Season 1, episode 14
Getting the ‘blue dot’ indoors
17 min /

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