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Sold on Stories

Sold on Stories

Engaging & original stories for Intermediate English learning

A Story-learning podcast exploring exciting, original & engaging ways to acquire intermediate level English proficiency.

Language learning begins with listening and speaking, so storytelling is a fabulous tool for teaching any language. 

The process is simple and straightforward:

  1. Identify phrases and vocabulary as specific learning outcomes before the reading starts.
  2. Ensure that the is plot relevant to the reader and told at an appropriate language level.

  3. Deliver and original, interesting & engaging tale, with a twist in the storyline.

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Season 2
Idioms explained: To each their own
Gain a more concrete understanding of this expression by way of an angaging, inspiring and easy-to-follow story
Season 2, episode 5
13 min /
Idioms explained: The grass is always greener on the other side
Gain context and understanding of this expression by way of an engaging story
Season 2, episode 4
15 min /
Man's best friend
A story of idioms focussing on love, affection and emotions
Season 2, episode 3
16 min /
Teaching an old crook new tricks - Idioms at work in Storytelling
Everyone can think outside the box, even Fingers McPhee. See how he changed his family's fortunes
Season 2, episode 2
13 min /
Persistent Paulina - adjectives, synonyms & idioms explained in a story of determination
Enjoy the story of determined little ballerina who learns a valuable lesson.
Season 2, episode 1
16 min /
Season 1
Building stories for effective intermediate language learning
Students who mostly navigate English at an intermediate level require more challenging vocabulary and phrases, while not losing sight of the story-learning fundamentals
Season 1, episode 26
11 min /
Mini Stories for engaging and effective language learning
When a story peaks our curiosity and interest, it compels us to stay the course.
Season 1, episode 25
14 min /
TPRS Step 3: Reading  Comprehension focusing on target words
Reading comprehension plays the biggest part in the TPRS protocol in my opinion. Naturally, no step is superior to another, but step 1 and 2 can seem rather insignificant should the comprehension in part three fall short.
Season 1, episode 24
11 min /
TPRS Step 2 - Building a language story around the target words
A great TPRS story is often slow in developing mainly because the teacher spends quite a bit of time elaborating on each bit of targeted language.
Season 1, episode 23
10 min /
TPRS Step 1 (target vocabulary and definitions)
TPRS begins with choosing words in the target language for the lesson and defining their meaning before telling a story that uses them.
Season 1, episode 22
13 min /
Effective Language learning through TPRS
TPRS – or Teaching (language) Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling is the practice of teaching vocabulary in a highly understandable and contextualized or appropriate manner.
Season 1, episode 21
11 min /
Storytelling – language learning as old as time
Story Telling is the most wonderful method of teaching
Season 1, episode 20
9 min /
Idioms and metaphors explained in the best way
Learn to grasp these completely abstract terms, which are often vague and open to interpretation.
Season 1, episode 19
15 min /
Storytelling – the gateway to better English
Storytelling has been described as the oldest technique in second language (L2) learning.
Season 1, episode 18
14 min /
Schwarzenegger's accent became his biggest asset
Your accent does not define your ability to speak English. Use it to your advantage.
Season 1, episode 17
11 min /
Improve Pronunciation Through Movies
Pronunciation and articulation is greatly improved when listening to native English Speakers in specific settings.
Season 1, episode 16
23 min /
IELTS Vocabulary boost with my favourite movies
I explain EXACTLY why and how to watch The Shawshank Redemption to gain insights into vocabulary building, better pronunciation and improved word-choices - easily and effectively. Watch and learn!
Season 1, episode 15
20 min /
See how watching movies can improve your English
Learning happens most effectively when we are relaxed and enjoying the process - See how movies can help your English
Season 1, episode 14
16 min /
A Non-native's Journey To English Success
Meet Nevena Korac, a non-native English speaker who is succeeding in the English-dominated copywriting world
Season 1, episode 13
50 min /
Rock your IELTS Speaking Task 2 - Topic: Advertising
Find the simple and effective answers you need to kill it at this task
Season 1, episode 12
13 min /
IELTS Speaking Task 1 Topic 2
Practice expanding on answers, vocabulary variation and paraphrasing answers - all in one podcast!
Season 1, episode 11
13 min /
IELTS Speaking Task 1 - Topic 1
Nail IELTS Speaking Task 1 with practical examples and simple tips
Season 1, episode 10
11 min /
Vocabulary learning and word pairings
Discover how much simpler it is to expand your vocabulary through learning word pairings in context.
Season 1, episode 9
12 min /
Vocabulary can make or break your IELTS efforts!
Vocabulary tips you cannot afford to miss
Season 1, episode 8
6 min /
Paraphrasing tips for best results in Task 1 and 2 IELTS Writing Essay
Understand and master simple, effective paraphrasing techniques
Season 1, episode 7
9 min /

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