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Political, social & historical commentary on contemporary issues.


The Indie Podcaster is devoted to political, social, and historical commentary about contemporary issues. Indie Podcaster is your guide to entertaining and informative musings on current events. A broad perspective toward the historical, sociological, and political undertones to contemporary issues and a unique perspective on the events that are affecting all our lives.

I intend to schedule shows for release once a week every Tuesday evening. This schedule is subject to change depending on my school schedule. Forgive me if I am tardy on the first few episodes, I am still learning as I go. I intend to broadcast the Presidential Debates and election coverage in the next few weeks as well. 

What every the side of the aisle you are on get out and vote, find out more information from here: https://iwillvote.com/

Twitter: @TheIndieCaster
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Indie.Podcaster  
Website & Blog: https://www.indie-podcaster.com

Rob Cruise 

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Final 2020 Presidential Debate (Uncut) — Trump v. Biden — October 22, 2020
Trump lies a lot but stays rather civil for the bar he has set for himself especially after the last debate.
1 hr 39 min /
Narcissism in Politics — Part I — Cut short due to illness
Due to illness I was not able to finish this podcast, I am going to do Part II
9 min /
2020 Vice-Presidential Debate (Uncut and No Interruptions) — Pence v. Harris — October 7, 2020
Indie Podcaster – 2020 Vice Presidential Debate
1 hr 32 min /
First 2020 Presidential Debate (Uncut and No Interruptions) — Trump v. Biden — September 29, 2020
Indie Podcaster – First 2020 Presidential Debate
1 hr 37 min /

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