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Political, social & historical commentary on contemporary issues.


The Indie Podcaster is devoted to political, social, and historical commentary about contemporary issues. Indie Podcaster is your guide to entertaining and informative musings on current events. A broad perspective toward the historical, sociological, and political undertones to contemporary issues and a unique perspective on the events that are affecting all our lives.

I intend to schedule shows for release once a week every Tuesday evening. This schedule is subject to change depending on my school schedule. Forgive me if I am tardy on the first few episodes, I am still learning as I go. I intend to broadcast the Presidential Debates and election coverage in the next few weeks as well. 

What every the side of the aisle you are on get out and vote, find out more information from here: https://iwillvote.com/

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Rob Cruise 

                  Greetings, my name is Robert Cruise. I live in Ontario, Canada and am a University student. I am studying for an HBA in History at Lakehead University; I am specialising in Modern European History, and while the term modern is up for interpretation in many ways for my definition it is European history from 1789-1990 or The French Revolution until the Fall of the Soviet Union. I am one of these students that could receive a doctorate in the length it will take me to complete my undergraduate studies. While I have a passion for history, I also have a passion for politics and sociology, I have courses multiple disciplines in my time at university, and it has been an eye-opening experience. I am 42 years old. I have returned to university as a mature student after struggling for many years with severe anxiety disordered that have been quite crippling. I am feeling much better now. However, I still have may more steps forward to take before I am ready to reintroduce myself to the real world again.

                  I follow American politics very closely, and like many Canadians know as much or more about our siblings south of the border as we know about their Canadian counterparts. Some may question why I have a right to voice an opinion on foreign countries politics, and my simple answer is I do not. However, since the United States has chosen to be the leaders of the free world, they are open to interpretation by those of us in the free world. The launch of my podcast is going to be on the 2020 US Presidential Elections, and I make no apologies for that. It affects us just as much as it affects them. The juggernaut bombards Canada to the south that is the United States. As much as we do have a national ideology, American ideologies are influencing us to a substantial degree. So, we watch closely and talk about Donald Trump over the dinner table is more common than talk about Justin Trudeau. I am also in a relationship with a woman from Texas and who knows, one of these days I too will hold dual citizenship. I certainly would not miss shovelling snow.

                  I love to talk about topics that have a broad perspective to them; I like to mix sociology, psychology and history or politics altogether to find an interesting angle on issues and read between the lines. I tend to bounce around a bit with my mood as to my content. Sometimes — like now — I am very politically involved with all the hype over the 2020 Elections in the US. However, I am also a mental health awareness advocate, so other times I may be interested in talking about some of the struggles both others, and I have been through over the years. I have a fascination with the US Elections but will also be so happy when they are over because it is such a long and bitter process. I had intended to do this podcast anonymously; I am agoraphobic. I do not particularly like being in the spotlight at all, but I have realised that to build a fan base, I am going to have to be myself and not pretend to be anyone else.

                  I have not committed to any specific niche for my podcast; I am going to cover the elections for now and the current state of the global pandemic that has affected so many people and is still just starting. I live on a minimal budget, and I am slowly investing in this podcast because it is an excellent way to keep myself occupied and stay in touch with the outside world in these times of pandemic. I do not profess to know everything and can be a poor public speaker, so I should have taken up blogging. However, this has cooler technology, so I went the podcast route, I would do videos, but financial constraints are prohibitive in that area. I am seeking neither fame nor fortune; I am merely looking for a positive way to express myself and my opinions of which I have many. In typical Canadian fashion, I tend to keep them to myself, but that is a hurdle I plan to get over through the course of the Indy Broadcast.

                  I hope to add a level of entertainment to the news of the day and share some struggles with my listeners about issues that personally affect me. With that, I thank you for reading my mini-biography here, and I hope that you can get to know me better through the show. As always I am available for comment at TheIndyBroadcast@Gmail.com.



Robert Cruise

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