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Life of Fiction

Life of Fiction

A podcast about the world of Wanted Hero...and our readers.

Oh, hey--I'm glad you're here! Good News--it's taken me some time, but I got the Popper working again...

The first few attempts were a bit fuzzy and it sounds like we're listening through a tunnel--but I was able to make contact with Höbin at the Roadkill Tavern.

Most importantly, I've got a connection...at least for now. 

Höbin's excited to share information with you. Something about collecting files from the FAF that you expressed an interest in? It's been a real treat to see him this excited about history and the world again.

So much so, that I think he'll share his field notes! Heck,...if we're lucky he may get with Finley Greenhopper and secure some rare info on fauna and flora!

Do me a favor, would you?

Don't let on that Wanted Hero is real, okay? It'll make people nervous.

Let people buy the fantasy books and get sucked into the story instead. Better to have people believe Evolu, Kutollum, and magic are fiction. Don't want them discovering the truth, right? 

People would start freaking out, if you know what I mean.

Höbin suggested we share the information in a format like you hear in podcasts--so I've got a  little setup, and now that I've got the Popper up and humming, we can crank out some episodes.

Thought we'd call it "Life of Fiction"--since no one would believe us anyway.

Oh, if anyone asks: Just tell them this 'show' is sponsored by WantedHero.com and if they want to support our efforts, they can do that by buying Höbin a coffee, buying a book, a t-shirt from our shop, or best of all--sharing what they find here on social media with family and friends.

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MUSIC: The sound of Ithari
What does a 5000 carat magical diamond sound like?
2 min /
MUSIC: The Book of Dark Bindings
What does evil sound like?
2 min /
MUSIC: Sanctuary
What does a peaceful, loving community on the moon sound like?
3 min /
MUSIC: Ish Krothi Umballa
What does a spell sound like?
2 min /
MUSIC: Kyliene
What does adorable sound like?
4 min /
MUSIC: Harvest Time
What does a warm spring day in Sanctuary sound like?
2 min /
MUSIC: Chuck
Bonus MUSIC: Chuck
What does old, senile, yet amazingly cool and crazy sound like?
2 min /
MUSIC: Mourning As One
What does the sadness of a whole people feel like?
6 min /

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