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Life of Fiction

Life of Fiction

A podcast for teens and YA about the fantasy world of WantedHero.com...and its fans.

Wendell P. Dipmier has won laughter and cheers from teens and YA readers in 60 countries since 2005. If you enjoyed Harry Potter, Tiffany Aching, Percy Jackson, or Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, then you’ll love this humorous, original epic fantasy series, packed with magic, mystery, and sharp kicks to the funny bone.

Created by author/father/master storyteller Jaime Buckley, we focus on the mind bending fictional world of WantedHero.com, answering the questions posed by readers. Guests include the award winning gnome historian, Höbin Luckyfeller, and his colleague, gnome zoologist Finley Greenhopper—sharing their adventures, lore, and deep secrets of this incredible world.

Specifically focused on fans of Chronicles of a Hero, our content is geared towards teens, lovers of fantasy, and those with creative imaginations. Get a deeper look into the mind and heart of the man who, more than anything else, believes “You are MORE than you THINK you are!

For those who want to get to know the author personally, there are further secrets and adventures available exclusively through Jaime's Chronicles of a Hero email list.

Join us…and tell a friend.

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Rappin it Up #1: Cryo64
Ditto interviews the characters of Wanted Hero
8 min /
Rappin it Up #2: Dax and Evan
Fun run with bloopers on top...
24 min /
When your wife won't stop laughing in the background.
3 min /
Bonus The TEST
eComic vs 600lb pond gator
2 min /
POOKIE: Our very first commercial (2005)
...watch your fingers.
1 min /
Doctor's perscription of Wanted Hero
...because you deserve to laugh, like a kid.
1 min /
A commercial with Dr. Deborah Harper
How to help your kids be popular (and not Troll food).
1 min /
Fungal Horror
Trapped in a decontamination chamber with Finley Greenhopper
19 min /
...just need to marry off a couple daughters, first.

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