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Life of Fiction

Life of Fiction

A podcast for teens about the world of WantedHero.com...and its fans.

Kidnapped from Earth, Wendell is given the legendary power of the Hero.
There’s just one problem.

…they gave it to the wrong guy.

Life of Fiction is a podcast for teens, focusing on the world phenomenon WantedHero.com1 and answering reader questions.2
Hosted by Author/Father/Storyteller Jaime Buckley, co-hosts include award winning gnome historian, Höbin Luckyfeller, and his colleague, gnome zoologist Finley Greenhopper. Together they'll discuss the history, lore, magic and mysteries of this epic fantasy world.
Created for fans of Chronicles of a Hero, our content focuses on teens, lovers of fantasy, and those with creative imaginations. We'll discuss the seemingly fictional life of the author, his unconventional path to publication,..then take a deeper look into the mind and heart of a man who, more than anything else, believes “You are MORE than you THINK you are!

1Stories of Wendell P. Dipmier have won laughter and cheers from teens and YA readers in 60 countries since 2005. If you enjoy stories like Harry Potter, Tiffany Aching, Percy Jackson, or Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, then you’ll love the humorous, original epic fantasy series Chronicles of a Hero--packed with magic, mystery, and sharp kicks to the funny bone.

2If you would like to submit questions to be answered on this podcast, you can email them to hello@lifeoffiction.com. Please include your city and country when submitting.



In 2005 Wanted Hero was placed online as a traditionally made comic book, sold as a $0.97 PDF download. What started as a way to tell his own children epic stories of heroism, readers in 60 countries were enjoying the creations by the end of that first year--all by word of mouth. 

When hand injuries from a car accident prevented Jaime from making comics, he converted the stories to novels--encouraged to "make it a long series" by NYTimes Best Selling Author David Farland in 2009. This fictional world has grown ever since.

Jaime is an adoring husband, father of 13 children (which he loves bragging about), and grandfather to a growing tribe of brilliance and laughter. With what time he has left, he's an author, illustrator, & popular world builder. When he’s not engaged in hunting monsters, acting as a survival flotation device, or a master sliver-picker-outer (just ask his little kids), he’s also a cartoonist, game creator, pod-caster, and all-around "cool" dad.

Best known for creating Wendell P. Dipmier--the accidental hero of his epic fantasy series Chronicles of a Hero (the main story-line for his Wanted Hero fictional world), Jaime is now building his world into an interactive online experience.

He lives in the Rocky Mountains with his wife, an organically grown fan club, and loves communicating with readers all over the world, especially through his Discord server. If the mood strikes you, email him at jaimebuckley@wantedhero.com (he’ll be so excited).

It might take him a while, but he always emails back.



HÖBIN LUCKYFELLER IS WHAT people refer to as a field-scribe-historian (or fishis for short), hence the term—'field work is for the fishis'. He specializes in acquiring unique information, not readily available to a ‘normal’ historian (that means the yahoo’s who still write with pen and paper instead of using a laptop).

The fact is, he’s famous for one special reason: He’s gone where no Gnome has gone before.

Höbin’s qualifications include studying under the renown scribe and botanist Bigsby Bumblebutt, earning his Field Degree from Clockworks Academy. After the Gate War, he requested isle-leave from the Government Faction and got his black card, taking his surviving two children—Alhannah and Green with him on remote field assignments. Since then he’s earned a Doctorate in both field analytics and animal linguistics.

He is proficient in arcane analysis, magic fundamentals, advanced cybernetic adaptation and engineering. Höbin also makes a mean quiche and impressive lemon sorbet.

This is his first public podcast project, which he hopes to be a success for two important reasons:

One, because you have a right to know the truth about Elämä and all that pertains to it, and;

Two, …he needs drinking money.



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