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Remembering the Good 'ol Days of Wanted Hero

Digging through the archives, we discovered some old audio that goes all the way back to 2005, when Wanted Hero was starting out as a comic book series.

We had a lot of fun making commercials, laughing in the studio, and even making podcasts with our gifted children.

So we thought we'd share some of these golden moments with you.

Hope you like them!

Rappin it Up #1: Cryo64
Ditto interviews the characters of Wanted Hero
8 min /
Rappin it Up #2: Dax and Evan
Fun run with bloopers on top...
24 min /
When your wife won't stop laughing in the background.
3 min /
Bonus The TEST
eComic vs 600lb pond gator
2 min /
POOKIE: Our very first commercial (2005)
...watch your fingers.
1 min /
Doctor's perscription of Wanted Hero
...because you deserve to laugh, like a kid.
1 min /
A commercial with Dr. Deborah Harper
How to help your kids be popular (and not Troll food).
1 min /
Life of Fiction
A podcast by Jaime Buckley
It's not easy being a fiction writer -- but it's cheaper than therapy.

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