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Liz Watt

Liz Watt

Practical resources to help creative women integrate work, life and spirituality. Work smarter not harder, live on your terms and create a better world.

By LizWatt

LizWatt.com Podcast provides practical resources to help creative women integrate work, life and spirituality. Work smarter not harder, live on your terms and create a better world.

Each week we’ll discuss aspects of:

** MIND BODY HEART - so you are living and experiencing  life to the full extent of your being.

** SPIRITUALITY + SOUL - so you can connect to your true self and the essence of who you really are.

** CAREER + ABUNDANCE - so you can find work you love, that makes a difference and rewards you well.

** RELATIONSHIPS + SOCIETY - so you can understand your place in the world and connect to more like-minded people.

** CREATIVITY + PRODUCTIVITY - so you can express yourself and create more efficiently and effectively.

I’ll answer your questions and share as many tips, tricks and lessons I’ve learned in the last 12+ years studying and testing these topics and integrating them into life.

~~ Liz Watt, LizWatt.com

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What Does It Mean To Shift From 3D To 4D To 5D?
Humanity is experiencing a shift in consciousness from 3D to 4D to 5D. Find out what this means.
15 min /
What Is Universal Law, Natural Law And Human Law?
We live in a reality driven by laws, rules and regulations that tell us what we can do, think or say. How are they really affecting you?
11 min /
What Are Thoughts And Where Do They Come From?
Thoughts are one of the most powerful tools we have. Find our what they are.
7 min /
Why ‘ You’re Just Doing Your Job ‘ Does Not Cut It Any More
Far too many of us are denying or ignoring the contribution we make to the collective reality in our daily work.
7 min /
Why Is Mind Body Heart And Soul The Real Holy Trinity?
We often hear mind, body soul, or mind, body, spirit, or mind, body heart. But which is correct?
8 min /
What Are Source, Spirit And Soul?
Learn the meanings of the terms source, spirit and soul and how they are different.
8 min /
How To Find Subjective Perspective And Objective Truth
How to find truth in spirituality and life...
13 min /
6 Reasons Why It’s So Hard To Find Work With Purpose And Meaning
If you’ve ever worked in a job that you don’t enjoy, then you’ll understand how painful that can be. Here’s 6 big reasons why.
10 min /
What Is Consciousness In Spirituality And Why Does It Matter?
You may have heard the terms conscious or consciousness, sub-consciousness, unconsciousness or Collective Consciousness. But what does this all mean? Especially with regards to spirituality?
13 min /
Social Constructionism Is Why Everything You've Been Told Is A Lie!!
We are living in a reality of Social Constructionism. Find out what this means…
13 min /
What Is Spirituality And Awakening? A Simple Definition And Meaning
As more and more people start to embark on a spiritual journey, it's important to understand what it means.
12 min /

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