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Mark Reads A Quite Good Book

Mark Reads A Quite Good Book

Serialised readings of novels from both Independent and well known authors

Experience magical tales from the literary world using your ears. Listen to stories from the fantastic imaginations of both classic authors as well as from authors who are as yet unpublished. There is many a treasured tale to be discovered. The readings will be across all genres and for all ages.

Each week there will be two audio only podcasts. One will be a weekly serialised reading from one of the great classics of English Literature, think Pride and Prejudice, Frankenstein, Animal Farm etc. The second weekly podcast will be a serialised reading from a story from an independent author, a chance to discover a brand new literary talent. 

Podcasts will be audio only and will run for approximately 25-35 minutes each, one to be published on a Monday, the other every Friday. these are ideal to listen to whilst eating your working lunch or even as you endure your daily commute.

Pride and Prejudice - Episodes 1-3
A "Classic" novel about the turbulent relationship between the daughter of a country gentleman and a rich aristocratic landowner
19 min /
World Of Rock - Episode 1 - The Beach Party
A funny and magical tale. A journey of self discovery through a fantasy world called Rock!
Episode 1
45 min /

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