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My Positive Birth

My Positive Birth

A collection of positive birth stories from the UK.

Welcome to this podcast: My Positive Birth. A little corner of the internet where I will be collecting positive stories from women birthing their babies across the UK.

Launching with a trailer and pilot episode, new episodes coming soon!

Stories are a really powerful way of learning and growing. We know that from childhood. But I don’t know if you’ve noticed… all too often during pregnancy people want to tell us horror stories about their birth. And this reflects our current cultural expectation: that ALL birth is risky, dangerous, and something women and babies need to be saved from.

Together we can challenge the narrative, and positive birth stories are a way of doing this. This podcast is a space to come together and hand down the wisdom from one mother to another of how it is possible to have a positive birth and the difference that can make.

The title of the podcast is very specifically MY positive birth. Because the key to it all is the family at the centre. What a positive birth meant for me in my circumstances, will almost definitely be different to what it means for you. But research, and common sense!, tells us that whatever your actual birth – be it hospital birth, home birth, free birth, induction, abdominal birth, water birth… that having choices, being respected and listened to, feeling safe and having confidence in yourself lie at the very heart of a positive birth.

So come and surround yourself with positive birth stories, told in women’s own words, and I hope you’ll find a village here to calm you but also to inspire you and give you confidence in birth. All women and babies deserve a positive birth experience.

All about the My Positive Birth podcast and why you should subscribe!
Season 1
Lisa's story
A positive home water (free) birth with gestational diabetes
Season 1, episode 1
48 min /
Trailer Trailer
All about the My Positive Birth podcast and why you should subscribe!
Season 1, episode 0
5 min /

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