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Not A Roofers Podcast

Not A Roofers Podcast

Join us as we break down roofing jargon into easy to understand ideas.

Have you ever had to deal with roof problems, but when the roofer shows up you have no idea what they are talking about?  Join two women who grew up around the roofing industry as they break down jargon used in roofing.  As daughters of a third generation roofer, the hosts grew up around the industry their entire lives, and they now work for the family roofing company.  One thing that they know is that roofers sometimes forget that not everyone understands the jargon.  It doesn't matter if you are a home owner, or business owner, dealing with a roofing professional can be confusing.  The goal: bringing clarity to everyone when it comes to roofing terminology.  

Join us as we break down roofing jargon into easy to understand ideas.
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Episode 72: Roofing During WWI and WWII
How did WWI and WWII change the roofing industry?
24 min /
Episode 71: Common Roofing Types in the 20th Century
The turn of the 20th century brought about some big changes for the roofing industry.
26 min /
Episode 70: History of Metal Roofing
Oops! We forgot about the creation of metal roofing!
18 min /
Episode 67: Roofing History- Wood Shake
The last ancient roofing type before technology advancements in the 20th and 21st century
16 min /
Episode 65- Roofing History: Tile Roofing
23 min /
Episode 64: Winter Check-In
Brrrrrr, its cold outside.
12 min /
Episode 62: Roofing History Part 1-The Beginning
Have you ever looked into the history of the roofing industry?
17 min /
Episode 61: The Past, The Present, and The Future
Join the hosts of Not A Roofers Podcast for an interesting behind-the-scenes episode.
23 min /
Episode 57: Tornados and Hurricanes
16 min /
Episode 56: Guest Insurance Agent Scott Jensen
Insurance can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be.
18 min /
Episode 55: Fall Check-In
Its time for a fall check-in so your roof is good for the upcoming winter.
20 min /
Episode 54: Quickfire Roofing Q&A
16 commonly asked roofing questions in 34 minuets. Bring it on!
34 min /
Episode 53: Thermal What?
10 min /
Episode 52: Restore, Recover, or Replace?
What options do you have when it comes to the end of your roofs lifespan?
19 min /
Episode 51: NWIR Day 2021
Join the hosts of Not A Roofers Podcast and four guests as they discuss NWIR Day 2021.
47 min /
Episode 50: All About 2021 IRE
The International Roofing Expo was last week in Las Vegas!
33 min /
Episode 49: Guest Heidi Ellsworth
Roofers Coffee Shop meets Not A Roofers Podcast.
25 min /
Episode 48: Alligatoring
12 min /

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