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Not Actually Film Critics

Not Actually Film Critics

The podcast where not actual film critics critique actual films.


Welcome to Not Actually Film Critics where not actual film critics critique actual films. Each week, join us as we talk about random stuff, watch movies together and review them. For every episode, we take turns picking movies that fit within a theme, which often leads us to some real hidden gems, or fun oldies that give us a blast from the past! Sometimes we will even release a sync-track of us watching the movie together, so you can sync it up to your viewing of the movie and feel like you're one of us! Follow along with our journey, and you might just discover a favorite film you've never seen before! 

Also, if you have a great movie pick for one of our themes, or just want to reach out to us, feel free to email us at nafilmcritics@gmail.com

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Numbers Are the Future (THX 1138)
Theme: Rebel
1 hr 3 min /
I Care A Lot (Theme - Rebel)
51 min /
California Dreamin and Screamin
Lost Theme - Mulholland Drive
1 hr /
Island...Get Away!
Lost Theme - Sweetheart
45 min /
Tripping Balls Across the Universe
Mutation Theme - Altered States
1 hr 5 min /
Dr. Dad Swarm Saves Earth
Mutation Theme - Habitat
56 min /
Irradiated Ants In Your Pants
Mutation Theme - Them!
1 hr 3 min /
My Pineal Gland Is Throbbing
Mutation Theme - From Beyond
59 min /
Feet and Forbidden Love for Sensei
Adolescence Theme - The Garden of Words
1 hr /
George Lucas's Wet Boomer Dream
Adolescence Theme - American Graffiti
1 hr 12 min /
Middle School Blows, Am I Right?
Adolescence Theme - Eighth Grade
1 hr 8 min /
Drunk, High, and Spanked in the 70's
Adolescence Theme - Dazed and Confused
1 hr 7 min /
Teenage Icarus at the Astrodome
Flight Theme - Brewster McCloud
56 min /
More Nut Shots Than You Would Think...
Flight Theme - Passenger 57
52 min /
Volcanos Take Revenge On A Plane...
Flight Theme - Airplane vs Volcano
1 hr 5 min /
Pigs Really Do Fly!
Flight Theme - Porco Rosso
1 hr 3 min /
The Skull Island Prequel That Never Happened
Water Theme - Deep Rising
1 hr 8 min /
Miyazaki's Masterful Watery World
Water Theme - Ponyo
1 hr 9 min /
Fishy Love In a Tub
Water Theme - The Shape of Water
1 hr 1 min /

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