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Not Actually Film Critics

Not Actually Film Critics

The podcast where not actual film critics critique actual films.


Welcome to Not Actually Film Critics where not actual film critics critique actual films. Each week, join us as we talk about random stuff, watch movies together and review them. For every episode, we take turns picking movies that fit within a theme, which often leads us to some real hidden gems, or fun oldies that give us a blast from the past! Sometimes we will even release a sync-track of us watching the movie together, so you can sync it up to your viewing of the movie and feel like you're one of us! Follow along with our journey, and you might just discover a favorite film you've never seen before! 

Also, if you have a great movie pick for one of our themes, or just want to reach out to us, feel free to email us at nafilmcritics@gmail.com

Mulholland Drive - California Dreamin and Screamin
Theme: Lost
1 hr /
Vampire's Kiss - Uncage the Cage
Theme: Nicolas Cage
1 hr /
Dazed and Confused - Drunk, High, and Spanked in the 70's
Adolescence Theme
1 hr 7 min /
Persona - Benjamin Belly Button
Theme: Madness
1 hr 13 min /
American Graffiti - George Lucas's Boomer Wet Dream
Adolescence Theme
1 hr 12 min /
Images - Welcome to Poop
Theme: Madness
1 hr 8 min /
Sweetheart - Island...Get Away!
Lost Theme
45 min /
[Bonus Episode] The Evil Timeline...
37 min /

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