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Our Veil of Smoke and Gold Podcast

Our Veil of Smoke and Gold Podcast

By Annelise

Hosted by an exuberant middle schooler, Our Veil of Smoke and Gold Podcast is a biweekly podcast and whimsical bridge for the imagination. In our contemporary world, most everything that cannot either be proven or lucrative (hence smoke and gold), is deemed unimportant and not necessarily meaningful. Each episode, explore a different magical creature or faerie through stories, their history, origins, and role in history, an intricate description of their magic and characteristics, and an in-depth analyzing of their hidden meanings as well as some personal insights and comments from the host. Encourage the imagination and acknowledge all things mystical and magical, and reawaken your childish spirit with a kid, revisiting folktales and mythology to bring you a complete understanding of the beings behind the veil.

Annelise is a versatile and perfectionistic thirteen-year-old, who attends middle school with her close friends and relishes in being verbose in addition to learning. She partakes in a multitude of hobbies, including soccer, gymnastics, skiing, running, swimming, reading, writing, sewing, Girl-Scouting (if that’s even a bona fide verb), organizing/planning (she worships her daily planner), dabbling in aromatherapy, podcasting (obviously), fostering, doing a biology course with bullet journal notes, studying medical/anatomy textbooks, crafting, doing theater, hiking, doing community services/volunteering, singing, refereeing, babysitting, and many more. Contact her at ourveilofsmokeandgold@gmail.com or support the podcast.




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