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Overthinking Everything

Overthinking Everything

By Overthinking Everything

Welcome to Overthinking Everything!

Our names are Sam and Katie. We love to talk about shows, movies, literature, and the Bible together, so we made a podcast to share those conversations with others. We hope you enjoy.

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Season 1
The Path to Redemption
We talk about redemption arcs
Season 1, episode 12
46 min /
Enjoying Genius Villains
Why we enjoy watching shows with Genius Villains
Season 1, episode 11
26 min /
Overthinking Anything: Specifically Fruit
We talk about fruit and how cool it is
Season 1, episode 10
21 min /
It's Hero Time- Part 2
The second half of our Ben 10 alien ranking.
Season 1, episode 9
37 min /
It's Hero Time- Part 1
The first half of our ranking of every alien used in Ben 10.
Season 1, episode 8
47 min /
Morally Ambiguous Characters and Where to Find Them
We talk about Morally Gray Characters across different shows.
Season 1, episode 7
35 min /
Double Crossing the Double Crossers
We ramble about Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.
Season 1, episode 6
39 min /
Star Wars Rebels: Developing a Family
A look at how Star Wars Rebels develops the cast of characters it centers around.
Season 1, episode 5
43 min /
"It is I, Dr. Regis Blackgaard"
We talk about the ultimate villain from Adventures in Odyssey
Season 1, episode 4
32 min /
Our (Possibly) Inaccurate Identities in Character Quizzes
We take quizzes to determine which animated characters we would be.
Season 1, episode 3
48 min /
Childlike Faith and Rock Facts
An in-depth look into Over The Garden Wall
Season 1, episode 2
43 min /
A Mentor-Filled Premiere
We discuss, disagree, and rave about our favorite (and less favorite) mentor characters.
Season 1, episode 1
44 min /

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