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Perpetually Untitled

Perpetually Untitled

Random Topics. Loosely Followed.

Hosts Matt and Carla share thoughts and stories (maybe fact, maybe fiction) about a topic chosen randomly at the beginning of each show.  Episodes are an hour or less and are released every two weeks or so.

Theme Song: Dan Lebowitz - Come On Out
Topic generator: https://learnhip.com/cards/topics.php
Microphone clipart: dgim-studio / Freepik

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In this episode, Matt and Carla discuss their favorite apps, the impact of mobile devices on society, alter egos of 90s pop icons, and attempt to solve the great “Fruit vs. Robots” debate.
Episode 9
56 min /
BONUS: Curator Chat with Randy
In this bonus episode, Randy joins us to share ghost stories, discuss pickled artifacts, share some history (and ghost stories!), and teach us all about museums.
Episode 8
33 min /
In this plus sized episode, we discuss museums, roadside attractions, and the glories of Elkhart, Indiana.
Episode 7
1 hr 6 min /
In this festive episode, we discuss our favorite (and least favorite) holidays, loosely plan our retirements, Carla reviews obscure movies, and a shocking fact is revealed!
Episode 6
44 min /
BONUS: The Big D
Carla returns from The Magical Place with stories ... and an unwelcome souvenir.
Episode 5
23 min /
New Experiences
In this episode, we discuss country music stereotypes, personal pandemic projects, magical places, dark and angry linguistics, and welcome a special guest.
Episode 5
56 min /
Dinner … or is it Supper?
In this episode, we discuss strange eating habits, industrial sized grilled cheese, befriending telemarketers, asparagus, and ornate but functional fabrics.
Episode 4
48 min /
Carla and Matt nerd out to all things gaming.
Episode 3
50 min /
Age, not War
In this episode, Matt and Carla discuss weird things about Ohio, upscale regional grocery chains, bartending pro tips, and more.
Episode 2
43 min /
BONUS: Carla's Speech
In this bonus episode, we profusely thank our small but growing audience, Carla shares a book review, Matt casually begs for ratings, and we play the infamous wedding speech.
Episode 1
10 min /
Special Occasions
In this episode, Matt and Carla discuss gym entertainment, road trips, wedding venues, and destruction of property.
Episode 1
47 min /

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