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Playwrights and Playwrongs

Playwrights and Playwrongs

Two professional writers give their professional opinions on movies and writing... professionally

Playwright: (noun) A person who writes plays

Playwrong: (noun) Any writer or written work of art that breaks the rules of writing (but not in a sexy, "bad boy/girl" way, more in a "public ridicule" way)

Professional writers Jillian Bevilacqua and Luciana Schreier explore film, TV, and stage as well as give writing tips on their journey to determine what makes a playwright and what makes a playwrong.

Jillian Bevilacqua is a professional playwright and screenwriter (and occasional playwrong). She's a cancer, enjoys long walks off short piers, and hopes that her work will make you feel something. Anything. Please, any emotion would be great.

Luciana Schreier is a professional screenwriter and playwright. She is a gemini and doesn't know what that entails. She finds reality television more educational than should be allowed and can't wait for the day that someone comes up with software where her thoughts are immediately transposed onto the page so that she doesn't have to physically write anymore.


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