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Playwrights and Playwrongs

Playwrights and Playwrongs

Two professional writers give their professional opinions on movies and writing... professionally

Playwright: (noun) A person who writes plays

Playwrong: (noun) Any writer or written work of art that breaks the rules of writing (but not in a sexy, "bad boy/girl" way, more in a "public ridicule" way)

Professional writers Jillian Bevilacqua and Luciana Schreier explore film, TV, and stage as well as give writing tips on their journey to determine what makes a playwright and what makes a playwrong.

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Season 1
Superhero Dysfunction (pt. 1) and First Drafts
Season 1, episode 5
Or, the main six Avengers should have never left Stark Tower
1 hr 21 min /
Music Education and Critiques
Season 1, episode 4
Or, Whiplash promotes and glorifies abuse
54 min /
Jim Preston Sucks and Conceptualizing
Season 1, episode 3
Or, Passengers is a bad movie, there's no joke here
1 hr 1 min /
Jedi Adoption and Outlines
Season 1, episode 2
Or, Star Wars Episode 10: The Rise of Jar Jar
59 min /
Wizard Camping and Dialogue
Season 1, episode 1
Or, Harry Potter and the Lack of Logical Plot
1 hr 13 min /

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