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Stories of people and their cities around the world

Prince-s Des Villes is a platform aimed at highlighting the most interesting and diverse talent from key cities around the world.
It spotlights the journey it took for the entrepreneurs of our generation – those people who made something out of nothing –  to get where they are, in an authentic way. 

In Season 03, the first available in the form of a podcast, writer and cultural researcher Naomi Accardi goes on a quest to discover what makes Amsterdam such an important hub for creativity and community building by interviewing important pioneers in the scene.

From talking fashion with Eben Badu of The New Originals, mentioning Night Life with Giano of the Patta crew, all the way to discussing book publishing and curation with Gunifort Uwambaga of Mendo, in this chapter of Prince-s Des Villes you will be taken on a journey to discover the power of loyalty and mutual support.

Eben Badu - Co-Founder of The New Originals
Community, mentorship & creativity with Eben Badu
/ 28 min
Myles O'Meally - Founder of Areté
A studio building new paths in the footwear industry
/ 32 min
Jefferson Osei - Co-Founder of Daily Paper
/ 43 min

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